3Shape Orthodontic Software Integrates with Ormco Damon System Brackets

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3Shape Orthodontic Software Integrates with Ormco Damon System Brackets
Posted: January 17, 2017
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COPENHAGEN—3Shape recently announced that its indirect bonding solution now integrates with the Damon System Bracket library by Ormco. The indirect bonding solution is a function within the 3Shape orthodontics software for practices and laboratories.

The Damon System Bracket library joins more than 150 original bracket libraries and orthodontic solution providers now integrated with the 3Shape orthodontic software.

Using 3Shape’s FDA-cleared indirect bonding functionality, orthodontists and lab technicians can now digitally plan and place the Damon System brackets based on a digital model. The digital models are created with an intraoral scan produced by Trios or by scanning a conventional impression in a 3Shape lab scanner.

The indirect bonding functionality enables users to optimize fixed appliance installation and ensure precise bracket positioning with the help of real-time collision detection tools. The software then allows the accurate placement of the Damon System brackets on the patient using 3-D printed transfer trays. All managed digitally.

Studies show that indirect bonding improves the patient experience by reducing treatment time (1) and chair time as well as lessening physical and mental stress, since the clinical procedure is simpler than direct bonding (2) and more comfortable for the patient. (3)

“We are very excited to provide orthodontists and labs with access to the Damon System Bracket libraries. The integration gives professionals the advantage of a fully digital workflow to reduce chair time and increase treatment efficiency and patient comfort,” says Allan Junge Hyldal, vice president 3Shape Orthodontics.

“Ormco is pleased that doctors now have access to our advanced passive self-ligating metal and aesthetic brackets, including the improved Damon Clear2 bracket”, said Patrik Eriksson, president of Ormco. “With the increased demand for aesthetic and effective treatment solutions, Damon Clear2 enables 3Shape customers to efficiently treat all of their patients—including complex cases and mixed dentition—to an exceptional result.”

The integration further expands the cooperation between 3Shape and Ormco, as Ormco’s Insignia Advanced Smile Design already accepts Trios scans for an Insignia treatment.

Damon Clear2, Damon Clear and Damon Q brackets as well as Snaplink and Accent Mini tubes are now available in the 3Shape software.

For further information, visit 3shape.com/en/customer+programs/ortho+partner+integrations/bracket+library+integrations

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2. Indirect bonding: a technique for precision and efficiency: Guenthner TA, Larson BE.
3. Efficient and effective indirect bonding: Sondhi A, Am J Orthod 
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