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The American Association of Orthodontics is hosting its annual session April 21–25 in San Diego. Orthodontists and their staffers can attend eye-opening lectures, as well as look at some of the industry's latest products. Here's a look at some new products and companies you can expect to see at the annual session.

  • 3M Oral Care
    Incognito Brackets with Tip Bar
    The 3M Incognito Brackets with Tip Bar continues to enhance lingual treatment, delivering targeted results through a new feature that improves angulation control. Extensions on the mesial and distal sides of the lingual bracket elongate the bracket slot to increase the stability of the interplay between brackets and archwires. Available on lower canines and upper 3-to-3.

    Information: or 800-423-4588

  • AMD Lasers
    Picasso and Picasso Lite lasers
    The Picasso laser is designed for both dentists and hygienists in mind. It's simple to use, and is one of the top choices around the world. Picasso dental lasers provide the ultimate tool for treating soft-tissue procedures. From laser gingivectomies, perfect impressions through laser gingival troughing, safe implant recovery, or laser periodontal treatment, Picasso soft tissue lasers provide the most effective and affordable solution for every dental office.

    Information: or 866-999-2635

  • AMD Lasers
    LiteTouch All-Tissue Laser
    The LiteTouch All-Tissue Laser is an award-winning addition for any practice. Half the size, weight and price of other hard-tissue lasers, it allows practices to offer the most state-of-the-art technology available. The LiteTouch laser is a great choice for cavity preparations, osseous surgery, periodontal treatment, endodontic procedures, implant recovery, peri-implantitis treatment and soft-tissue surgery.

    Information: or 866-999-2635.

  • American Orthodontics
    Empower 2 self-ligating brackets
    American Orthodontics' Empower 2 self-ligating brackets feature microetched, maximum-retention bonding pads, which increase bond strength 15–30 percent over nonmicroetched pads. A stronger and thicker modified clip helps seat wire into the slot during clip closure and increases wire-seating force while reducing clip deformation. A chamfered slot entrance also reduces friction from wire binding.

    The Empower family provides the most features, prescription choices and treatment possibilities, all in one unified system. Bracket options include metal, clear and molar tubes, and system choices include a fully interactive or fully passive system, plus the innovative dual activation system.

    Information: or 800-558-7687.

  • Boyd Industries
    M3000 series treatment chair
    "Built to Last. Built for You. Built by Boyd" is more than a tag line—it signifies the commitment that Boyd makes to its customers. Best known for the durability and reliability of it products, Boyd combines 60 years of design and manufacturing expertise to create personalized products to match the user's imagination.

    The M3000 series treatment chairs have been the product of choice for thousands of orthodontists. The chairs are available in three base configurations with programmable foot controls and ergonomic design features.

    Information: 727-471-5072. Or visit booth #1715

    at AAO 2017.

  • ClearCorrect
    ClearCorrect clear aligners
    Since 2006, doctors have been straightening teeth easily and effectively using ClearCorrect's custom, removable clear aligners. ClearCorrect providers have access to excellent customer support, volume discounts, online training, and 3-D treatment setups that are available on any device or browser. ClearCorrect offers a more affordable and doctor-friendly approach to more than 20,000 dentists and orthodontists in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. ClearCorrect manufactures and supports its products in Round Rock, Texas.

    For more information, call 888-331-3323.

  • Great Lakes Ortho
    Biostar and MiniStar thermal-forming machines
    The Biostar and MiniStar achieve flawless adaptation using the most advanced positive pressure thermal-forming technology available. The heated side of the material is formed directly over the model using 90psi for the Biostar and 60psi for the MiniStar. A convenient bar code scanner automatically enters the correct processing information for your material, and hard and soft appliances are fabricated in half the time of conventional methods. Biostar includes an extra-deep model cup for embedding mounted models and a 3.2-inch LCD color display. The economic MiniStar offers a programmable display and ergonomic design. Both machines reach working temperature in one second.

    Information: 800-828-7626 or

  • Great Lakes Ortho
    eXceed computerized bracket placement solution
    Great Lakes' eXceed is a computerized bracket placement solution that uses exclusive technology to determine the exact digital placement coordinates for each bracket. Then, using 3-D model printing technology, bonding trays are precisely manufactured for fit and bracket position accuracy. Adjustments to brackets and archwires are minimized or eliminated. The eXceed system is fast and efficient, significantly reduces time spent placing brackets, and minimizes chair time.

    Information: 800-828-7626 or

  • Great Lakes Ortho
    Great Lakes brackets
    Great Lakes' lines of quality fixed appliances are value-priced for practice profitability. The EasyClip+ Self-Ligating and BioTru Classic, Sapphire and Ceramic bracket systems offer maximum versatility and reliability. The intelligent design of Great Lakes brackets provides easy placement, a low-profile, secure bonding, and enhanced patient comfort.

    EasyClip+ can be utilized as fully passive, fully interactive, or a combination of both, offering a variety of treatment options. It's designed for easy opening and secure engagement, no special instruments required. The BioTru systems feature rounded corners for added patient comfort, ample tie-wing undercuts to facilitate ligation, excellent bond strength and low-profile design.

    Information: 800-828-7626 or

  • Henry Schein Ortho
    Carriere Motion Clear Appliance
    Unlike any other Class II appliance on the market, the Motion Clear Appliance is ideal for even the most aesthetically demanding patients. Whether it's the simplicity of use, the sleek patient-friendly design, or the remarkable speed and predictability of how it works, the Motion Clear Appliance is truly the clear choice for Class II correction.

    For more information, visit or call 800-547-2000.

  • OC Orthodontics
    OC Orthodontics never stops innovating to bring its customers the very best. H4 was designed to give an enhanced door and exceptional bond strength. As always, H4 has the tightest tolerances in the industry, providing better control to deliver beautiful smiles up to four months faster, so you can finish with the best.

    Information: 866-752-0065 or

  • OC Orthodontics
    Pitts 21
    Pitts 21 is a new orthodontic system that delivers 3-D control for fast and more precise finishes. Developed with Dr. Tom Pitts, a world-renowned clinical orthodontist who is known for aesthetic finishes, Pitts 21 improves early control of torque, tip and rotation. With control this precise, most cases finish in four wires or less because of the efficient tooth movement. Pitts 21 provides remarkable patient comfort via a system of light-continuous forces throughout all phases of treatment.

    Information: 866-752-0065 or

  • Ortho2
    Ortho2 Edge delivers premium practice management, imaging and communication solutions—all supported by a stellar customer service team. Edge is the only practice management system to feature truly optimized, private cloud computing, and offers the services and features needed to run a more effective, efficient practice: management, imaging, reminders, education animations, morphing, ceph tracing, mobile apps and more. Ortho2 is the largest independently owned provider of orthodontic practice management software and services.

    Information: or 800-678-4644.

  • Ortho2
    Edge Specialist
    Ortho2's newly unveiled Edge Specialist adds powerful pediatric dentistry features to its Edge practice management software. Edge Specialist features an expanded tooth chart; an improved treatment chart including planned procedures, increased scheduler needs, updated financials and insurance; child-friendly patient animation videos; and more.

    Information: or 800-678-4644.

  • Ortho2
    Edge Imaging
    Edge Imaging by Ortho2 is one of the most advanced dental imaging technologies available. Its features include unlimited cloud storage for 3-D/2-D images and nonimage files, image and timepoint morphing, ceph tracing and analysis, presentation mode, unlimited undo (even back to the original image) and comprehensive conversions.

    Information: or 800-678-4644.

  • OrthoAccel Technologies
    AcceleDent is the first noninvasive, FDA-cleared Class 2 medical device that employs patented SoftPulse Technology, clinically proven to speed up bone remodeling during orthodontic treatment by enhancing physiological bone turnover. Leading orthodontists from around the world report increased mechanical efficiency with orthodontic appliances and improved predictability of clinical outcomes when using AcceleDent. Visit AcceleDent at AAO booth #3037.

    Information: or 866-866-4919.

  • OrthoFi
    Starting More Smiles
    OrthoFi's software and service solution is designed to increase your starts and streamline your processes. The end-to-end flow streamlines onboarding, stimulates conversions, and takes on both insurance and patient processing and collection.

    OrthoFi is a proven solution delivering dynamic growth, balanced cash flow and risk, and smoother operations with insightful metrics to help practices run their business. OrthoFi clients have seen average production growth of 14 percent over prior year, less than 1.7 percent insurance AR past due, and 0.7 percent on past-due collections. Visit OrthoFi at AAO booth #3437.

    Information: or 855-487-6882.

  • Sesame Communications
    Ortho Sesame with Secure Messaging
    Secure Messaging from Sesame allows practices to collaborate securely with colleagues without additional software. Ortho Sesame members can use their practice colleague and patient lists as address books and send messages to colleagues, even if they're not Ortho Sesame members. You can also attach files and images manually or select patient images from your compatible imaging system. Sesame Secure Messaging works like email, but instead of sending emails, messages are shared within a secure mailbox. Secure Messaging ensures that PHI is encrypted every step of the way.

    Information: or 866-530-7295.

  • Wor(l)d International
    Helo Health and Lifestyle Oracle

    The Helo wearable health monitoring device is the first to use Toshiba's ApP Lite processor technology. The newly released product monitors heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate and delivers ECG (electrocardiogram) readout. Monitor all, as well as an analysis to indicate "mood" and "fatigue," using Bluetooth and a dedicated app on your smartphone. Helo monitors for 72 hours without Bluetooth connection, then synchronizes data to the app as soon as you connect. Noninvasive glucose monitoring is coming soon. Visit booth #850 at the AAO.

    Information: or 585-496-7069.

  • Wor(l)d International
    Every day we spend more time on computers, tablets and smartphones. We're constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with friends, family, patients and staff. All of these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful for the human body.

    To reduce the harmful effects of electrosmog, BioZen, a static and extreme low-frequency magnetic field protection, easily attaches to any device. BioZen is the only technology in the world that expands this protection to a biological level. Learn more at booth #850 at the AAO.

    Information: or 585-496-7069.

  • PracticeGenius
    Patient Rewards Hub
    Through its Patient Rewards Hub engagement marketing platform, PracticeGenius powers thousands of practices globally with custom reward, kids club, health compliance, employee incentive and e-commerce fulfillment programs.

    Programs are tightly integrated with a feature set that includes mobile and watch apps, reputation and social media management, contest, gamification, reminder, and communication systems.

    Uniquely defined to any brand and business requirements, the Hub platform can work in any practice. All products come with turnkey solutions, training and design services from the PracticeGenius customer success team.

    Information: or 800-560-1469.

  • Ultradent
    Gemini 810 & 980 Diode Laser
    The Gemini 810 & 980 Diode Laser offers dual wave technology, combining the optimal absorption of the 810nm wavelength and optimal water absorption of the 980nm wavelength. Its innovative design features a transparent electroluminescent display, while the tip of the laser illuminates, providing better visibility at the surgical site. 

    Information: or 800-552-5512.

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