MidAtlantic Orthodontics Introduces Orthodontics On.Command

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Posted: February 10, 2017
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WEST BERLIN, N.J.—MidAtlantic Orthodontics has announced the introduction of their new e-commerce platform that provides orthodontic practices a convenient and efficient way to access all of the supplies and inventory information they need to run and grow their business. MAO now provides a user-friendly way to place, track, and store purchase and ordering history.

“Imagine not having to wait for a visit from your sales representative, or to buy more than you need from a stock up promotion, or to calculate complicated pricing programs,” said Tony Prusich, MAO president. “At MAO, our goal is to transform the traditional buy-sell model, and empower practices of all sizes by putting their supplies at their command—that’s what we mean by Orthodontics On.Command.”

With midatlanticortho.com, the time that it takes to source, stock, and account for any errors is greatly reduced, and the risk of lost ordering history as a result of either staff or sales representation turnover is eliminated.

“That is exactly why we developed our e-commerce platform, to assist our customers in improving their workflow efficiency, and eliminating the waste that often exists as part of traditional ordering processes,” said Prusich.  “We also wanted to make our process as convenient as possible, and so we made an added investment to ensure that all popular means of communication can be used to connect with us, such as: phone, desktop, tablet, or live chat.” 

Using the new MidAtlantic Ortho platform, practices can run ‘leaner’, which is a business standard that correlates with higher profits.  More time and higher profits means greater capacity to treat and compete in today’s marketplace.  

“It is time for practices to demand more from their supply,” added Prusich. “Our new e-commerce platform represents supply that supports your bottom line.”
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