Dr. David Paquette joins Henry Schein Orthodontics as Lead Clinical Advisor

Posted: October 27, 2015
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CARLSBAD, Calif.—Henry Schein Orthodontics (HSO) has announced that Dr. David Paquette has joined its company as lead clinical advisor. 

Paquette will be working with the HSO’s research and development teams and leading the HSO clinical advisory boards in evaluating new products and procedures that advance the state of orthodontic treatment.
Paquette said he selected HSO as a working partner because of the high priority it places on clinician’s feedback and the organization's long-standing commitment to developing innovative solutions that represent significant breakthroughs in patient care.    
"The industry has been in need of more clinical input for some time now, and I couldn't be more pleased to join a forward thinking company like Henry Schein Orthodontics to help chart the future course of our profession," he said.  
With a strong lineup of exciting new products in the late stages of development, HSO is thrilled to have Paquette join the organization.
"We are thrilled to have someone of Dave's caliber on the HSO team. He possesses an enormous amount of experience and exceptional clinical skills, as well as vision and passion for the profession that aligns exceptionally well with the vision of Henry Schein Orthodontics," said Ted Dreifuss, vice president of global sales and marketing
As a practitioner and teacher for more than 35 years, Paquette brings to HSO a long list of academic and professional qualifications, a keen interest in product innovations, and a passion for improving patient care.  
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