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Dr Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. This Manchester born and educated dentist was one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the United Kingdom.
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A MisperceptionThe Future of your child is in your hands-whether it is the personality or physical health. Hence the dental health of your child also depends not only on what hygiene habits you teach your child, but also on health of its teeth at a young age. There is a misperception that baby...  Read More
Tooth plays an important role on smiling face.These days’ dental problems are very common in the adults and even in youngsters. Everyone has some of the dental problems with them. Either they are suffering from tooth decay or suffering from sensitivities. To solve these problems, there are...  Read More
Dental? Dental is a word which is used to call teeth in medical language. Dental could to be referring to dentistry profession or the doctors for dental are known as dentist. Teeth is the most important part of our body, it should not be damage or removed. It helps in many functions in human body....  Read More
When the topic comes to protect your teeth from number of germs and bacteria then you should also find a perfect dentist that will offer you great treatment and make your teeth stronger. Proper cleaning of the teeth is very necessary on the regular basis. If you want to keep your teeth healthy and...  Read More
Teeth are one of the important parts of our body which not only chew food for us but also offer a good look to the face. Dental science has reached to high level in resolving issues related to teeth. Whether teeth are yellowish or painful, every problem has the solution in the dental science. Here...  Read More
One ofthe most popular ways to save money throughout most of the United States onyour dental care services and needs is through a discounted dental plan. Choosing a plan that can be used for anentire household and not just an individual will give optimal savings on dentalcosts. With this type of...  Read More
Dental Implants are devices used to replace missing teeth. After a certain period of time, the implant fuses with the jawline and becomes the new root. An abutment is then placed over the implant and over it, teeth are attached. Before one decides to get a undergo a dental implant or any other...  Read More
When one sets out to chose careers the choices are many. You can go into law if you like ligation and defense or you can go into the field of medicine. One of the first levels in dentistry as far as a career path goes in studying and training to complete Dental Assistant, which can involve training...  Read More
In the world of dentistry dealing with dental health is the number one concern. Dental fractures or cracks are common and can occur during trauma or due to poor dental hygiene and can occur at any age but are usually more prevalent to adults older than 25 years old or more. When this occurs, the...  Read More
There is a new treatment that can work on killing the bacteria that can cause tooth decay without causing a great deal of harm to the beneficial bacteria in the mouth. A study that was put out by UCLA and the University of Washington has shown how there is a specifically targeted antimicrobial...  Read More
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With instant photo sharing and people taking selfies all the time, being able to smile on command is a great skill to have. It's not only celebrities who know how to flash a nice grin - simply follow the steps below, and you'll be happy to send any of your pictures to your friends.Step 1: Be...  Read More
Everyone loves the shining smile. A healthy smile reflects the health of your teeth. When you smile with the white and shining teeth, the other people will also smile but if you have yellow teeth no going to give the attention. It is very important to take the good care of teeth so that you can...  Read More
Smile reflects the good health of mouth. Healthy teeth are the centre of attraction when you smile or laugh in the public place. People with unhealthy teeth feel shy and anxiety to smile in front of people. In this situation you need to find the best dentist that will help you remove all the...  Read More
With the help of the technology everything has become easy. Whether you want to do shopping or want take the service you can easily do it through the internet. You can even fix your appointment with the dentist or other company through the internet. If you are new to particular area and you...  Read More
Teeth- are the those invaluable parts of the body that either enhance yourconfidence and glitter your smile if they are in healthy condition or mayproduce a dent in them and you’re personality. In modern time everybody wantsto flaunt his broad smile with his shining and glittering eaters. In...  Read More
The dental care is the most important aspect on our smiling face. It can extra beauty or can fade our beauty. Dental care is a must to have a good oral hygiene. There are varieties of oral health that should be taken into account. The dentist to whom you have approached for the treatment should be...  Read More
After settling for a certain type of stethoscope, it is now time to know just how to take great careof it. Keeping your stethoscope clean is very important as a medical practitioner. It is quiteunfortunate that despite the large use of stethoscope by doctors and nurses, a great number...  Read More
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