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Dr Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. This Manchester born and educated dentist was one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the United Kingdom.
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The truth is that there is no way you can run a successful practice without hiring intelligent and trained staff. Benefits and payroll contributes to about half of the total expenditure in many businesses. Finding the best employee is an ongoing process that every business has to undertake. For...  Read More
Online you can find many general tips and pointers on how to create the perfect CV, writing a winning cover letter as well as coming out on top during an interview. However what if you find reliable are seeking advice on a more specific topic such as how to ace a dental nursing interview? It can be...  Read More
Going by your dental specialist frequently and having your teeth professionally cleaned has anintense effect in your general wellbeing. A spotless mouth diminishes pits, as well as can significantlyenhance the soundness of your whole body. Solid teeth permit you to eat the sustenance yourequire,...  Read More
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Tooth problem are the most common problem that are faced by people even of small ages.These problems can be cured either by prevention or treatment. The prevention helps to avoidthe occurrence of future problems of tooth. In order to have beautiful and attractive smile, oneneeds to have bright...  Read More
Dental problems are most annoying problem that is caused even to teenager. These dental problemscan be easily cured and even prevented too. Brushing your teeth twice in a day and for at least 2minutes, flossing your teeth regularly, eating proper food and rinsing your mouth after anything eatenare...  Read More
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Teeth problem is the most common problem found in today’s generation. Even a small child suffersfrom toothache. These toothaches are due to cavities that are caused due to junk foods and chocolates.Foods containing higher proportion of carbohydrates results in trapping between the teeth and...  Read More
Brushing and flossing and getting normal dental cleans/check-ups will help you to have an incrediblelooking grin, brighter more white looking teeth and new breath. They are an essential part inaverting gum ailment and decreasing your danger of tooth misfortune and dental issues.Getting a customary...  Read More
A dental cleaning technique is a fundamental dental treatment which includes the scaling andarranging of tooth surface, to expel follower plaque and analytics. Patients are urged to visit theirdental practitioners twice per year or at regular intervals for teeth cleaning; however it might bemore...  Read More
Standard dental visits are fundamental to keep your teeth and gums spotless and sound. We, andthe American Dental Association, prescribe you visit your dental specialist at regular intervals. Theseexaminations permit us to discover and treat issues before they get to be extreme. Your dental...  Read More
Your smile is precious and so it should last a lifespan. With dental implants you can go for replacingmissing teeth which is one of the important process in order to maintain your overall health and the healthof your teethes. When natural teethes are not available, you lose the ability of chewing,...  Read More
A root canal is a standout amongst the most well-known techniques performed in the field of helpfuldentistry. It is portrayed by the evacuation of the contaminated mash found underneath the upperlayer of a tooth because of the development of ulcer or disease.There;s something else entirely to the...  Read More
Invisalign is a great alternative to wearing traditional braces. A majority of individuals will not even notice when you have Invisalign trays on. Therefore, it won't be necessary for you to be self-conscious when it comes to your smile. Those first couple of sets of tray that you have to wear may...  Read More
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In the modern days we are living, your intestines/guts can react to stress, processed foods,alcohol, bacteria and some other forms of medications. These effects can bring about a leak inyour guts and a small leak in the gut can result to a very big intestinal problems. For instance, ahealthy gut is...  Read More
We have really very busy life now days. Many people don’t even have time to eat properly. When we wake up every day in morning, we use to be hurry. We don’t even take our breakfast properly and the reason for this is busy life. In this busy life we forget many things and so forgetting...  Read More
As we all know oral health plays a vital role to your appearance and to your health, it also maintain the hyegine of your mouth. Disease related to cavities and gum may lead to many serious problems, like diabetes and other breathing related diseases. If the cavities are left untreated they can...  Read More
As we all know that Brushing teeth, flossing the gaps, and rinsing mouth are consideredas the ABCs of oral health, but these are only the beginning. A good mouth takes morethan just brushing the teeth, improving your way of tooth brushing, staying away fromdaily soda habit, and saying bye-bye to...  Read More
If it is chewing gum, This is the type of gum that you chew and thus it makes a difference and thusevery one have a question that whether it;s Good or bad for your dental teeth. As we know chewinggum contains sugar and it may actually increase the chances of developing or suffering from...  Read More
Root canal is a process that is followed in order to repair or save a tooth which is either badly decayed or infected. In this process a nerve that is decayed is removed and then it is completely cleaned and sealed. If the treatment is ignored or not followed, it will decay the whole tooth or will...  Read More
Today’s life style is fast and no one has time to maintain their health and so dental health is a thing that people usually neglect. In today’s fast and running life no one even has time to have proper diet and so most us go for fast foods. These fast foods are not only unhealthy for...  Read More
Dentists occupy a very important role in one’s life. To excel in your dental career you must be fullydevoted towards it. Devotion is the only mantra for success. You can’t achieve your goal until you aredevoted towards it. You must be caring for your patients who come to you with a...  Read More

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