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Dr Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. This Manchester born and educated dentist was one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the United Kingdom.
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Benefits of Dental Clinic Visits
Every person loves to have a clean mouth and a brilliant set of teeth to keep their smile ever shining with a clean and hygienic breath. Frequent dental checkups will prevent any threats to gum diseases and reduce a risk of tooth loss in the future. So using a professional dentist will be highly...  Read More
Mouth is an open source to get infection and diseases but a routine checkup will prevent diseases and infection to affect the body system. Taking routine dental checkup is like closing the gate for the all the germs to get inside in the mouth. For some, it may be very tempting to a skip a routine...  Read More
Taking care of the dental part of the body is as much as important in taking care of the other parts of the body. Sometimes kids may have that fear of going to the dental doctor clinic to get their check up done and it is the same situation for the adults. People who take care of their teeth at an...  Read More
Dental Implants vs. Bridges — Which is Better?
So, you need to replace a missing tooth (or teeth). You know you don’t want to wear a partial denture, and now you’re left with two other options: . Both have been used in dentistry for decades, but each one offers different advantages. When it comes to a dental implant vs. bridge, how...  Read More
How Your Genes Could Be Causing Dental Fear
If you’ve spent your life in terror of that scheduled visit to the dental office, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans and people around the world suffer everything from mild anxiety to outright panic at the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair. Most people simply assume...  Read More
What Should You Do for Nighttime Oral Health Care?
The current reports on oral health by show that half of the world population doesn’t clean their teeth before bed and sleep as they have been doing all the activities including eating. When you sleep without cleaning your teeth, you may face numerous oral issues and these all are harmful for...  Read More
Being visible on Google can give you many reasons to smile and truly this sentence can be taken pretty literally as well if you are a dentist! Having a dental practice can give you lots of opportunities to serve a pretty wide population provided you are highly visible on search engines. Here are a...  Read More
It is important to take care about health. Have you ever wonder that what you would do without the teeth. It is impossible to eat the food properly without the teeth. To keep enamel and teeth strong, you should eat the proper and consult with the doctor up-to-date. Using the old and stale...  Read More
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Teeth is very sensitive part of our body and also important for solid food chewing. Without teeth, we can’t chew the food. Oral health is also very necessary to care for . Very famous teeth problems are a toothache, chipped tooth, impacted teeth, gum disease, exposed roots, cracked tooth,...  Read More
Health is always prominent and we all are aware of the quote “”. Here we are talking about the dental problem and how to choose the best dental expert. Now lots of people are suffering from gum disease and cavities problem. Teeth is vital part of mouth as we all known and sometimes we...  Read More

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