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Dr Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. This Manchester born and educated dentist was one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the United Kingdom.
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Tariq Drabu
Tariq Drabu

When one sets out to chose careers the choices are many. You can go into law if you like ligation and defense or you can go into the field of medicine. One of the first levels in dentistry as far as a career path goes in studying and training to complete Dental Assistant, which can involve training...  Read More
In the world of dentistry dealing with dental health is the number one concern. Dental fractures or cracks are common and can occur during trauma or due to poor dental hygiene and can occur at any age but are usually more prevalent to adults older than 25 years old or more. When this occurs, the...  Read More
Everyone loves the shining smile. A healthy smile reflects the health of your teeth. When you smile with the white and shining teeth, the other people will also smile but if you have yellow teeth no going to give the attention. It is very important to take the good care of teeth so that you can...  Read More
Smile reflects the good health of mouth. Healthy teeth are the centre of attraction when you smile or laugh in the public place. People with unhealthy teeth feel shy and anxiety to smile in front of people. In this situation you need to find the best dentist that will help you remove all the...  Read More
Teeth- are the those invaluable parts of the body that either enhance yourconfidence and glitter your smile if they are in healthy condition or mayproduce a dent in them and you’re personality. In modern time everybody wantsto flaunt his broad smile with his shining and glittering eaters. In...  Read More
Dentistry is an important branch of medical science that is not often attributed the importance it deserves. From ridding you of painful ailments such as root canals to performing cosmetic procedures for anenhanced personal and professional lives, dentists contribute to a large extent towards...  Read More
Having mouth problems such as stained, crooked, decaying, gapped or uneven teeth can affect your confidence around other people. In addition to an unattractive smile, poor dental health can have so many side effects. Modern cosmetic dentists can provide you with solutions that will give you the...  Read More
Having issues with your teeth? You should talk with professionals that can help you find a solution for you. There are distinctive options open to supplant the missing teeth. Dental implants are the most generally perceived and fruitful of all options. Dental inserts have ended up being uncommonly...  Read More
If the teeth you were born with have been damaged through decay over time or some sort of facial trauma, dental implants are able to take their place and recreate your smile.Long lasting, durable and virtually indistinguishable from regular teeth, dental implants can be your best friend when it...  Read More
Humans have attempted to replace missing teeth with similarly shaped materials for thousands of years. However, in the last 35 years or so, tooth replacement has completely evolved with the introduction of dental implants. Major changes have continued to occur in the world of dentistry and the last...  Read More
No one likes to go under the knife, but almost every Americandoes at least once in his or her lifetime. In oral surgery, it’s often for thepurpose of getting wisdom teeth removed. Any kind of oral surgery means thatnormal activities such as talking, eating, and drinking become difficult....  Read More
Having mouth problems such as; stained, crooked, decaying, gapped or even teeth can influence greatly on your confidence around other people. In addition to unattractive smile, poor dental health can have so many side effects. Modern cosmetic dentists have made a solution for this by providing a...  Read More
introducing an info-graphic which helps you increase your clients to 3X by making the key investments:If you want to attract new clients then just try out these tips or simple contact SimplePay anytime.Mailing Address:340 S Lemon Ave,Suite # 9426 Walnut,CA 91789, We will be more than Happy to...  Read More
Some people are afraid of going to the dentist. Because of these fears, they don't schedule appointments as often as they should and wind up with more dental problems than they should. Use these tips to manage your fear of dentistry and learn to appreciate the joys of healthy teeth.1. Let your...  Read More
It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that yourchildren take care of their teeth. Taking of their teeth right from a young agewill help them enjoy a lifetime free from teeth related problems. With a good oral care from a tender age, your child can keep atbay oral problems like gum...  Read More
Out of all the possible ailments possible on our bodies, tooth pain is one of the most pervasive and dreaded. Tooth ache pain is different than other types of pain since there is very little that you can do to alleviate the pain. Often, the pain is quite intense and being so close to the mouth and...  Read More
Antimicrobial resistance has come under the microscope. This is a drug resistance which is being seen more often in modern medicine, where bacteria survive after treatment exposure. This is a major public health concern as with antimicrobial resistance comes the inability to treat infection. There...  Read More
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