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Dr Tariq Drabu is a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon. This Manchester born and educated dentist was one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the United Kingdom.
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Tariq Drabu
Tariq Drabu

Can be your dentist supplying you with the greatest services you require? Are you really having difficulty determining who to grant the obligation of keeping you well informed about your teeth? Are your teeth in the best care they can potentially be in? These are the crucial questions every patient...  Read More
Certain cavities can be drilled and filled in a short, simple procedure that spans a single office visit. When a tooth is severely decayed, however, it often causes and extraordinary amount of pain as bacteria and infection find their way into the tooth pulp. Although it is possible to eliminate...  Read More
Root canal is a process that is followed in order to repair or save a tooth which is either badly decayed or infected. In this process a nerve that is decayed is removed and then it is completely cleaned and sealed. If the treatment is ignored or not followed, it will decay the whole tooth or will...  Read More
Today’s life style is fast and no one has time to maintain their health and so dental health is a thing that people usually neglect. In today’s fast and running life no one even has time to have proper diet and so most us go for fast foods. These fast foods are not only unhealthy for...  Read More
Dental? Dental is a word which is used to call teeth in medical language. Dental could to be referring to dentistry profession or the doctors for dental are known as dentist. Teeth is the most important part of our body, it should not be damage or removed. It helps in many functions in human body....  Read More
With the help of the technology everything has become easy. Whether you want to do shopping or want take the service you can easily do it through the internet. You can even fix your appointment with the dentist or other company through the internet. If you are new to particular area and you...  Read More
The dental care is the most important aspect on our smiling face. It can extra beauty or can fade our beauty. Dental care is a must to have a good oral hygiene. There are varieties of oral health that should be taken into account. The dentist to whom you have approached for the treatment should be...  Read More
Have you ever asked why the Dental Association and your dental specialist prescribe you to visit regularly? This is on the grounds that consistent dental visits are vital for the support of sound teeth and gums. Furthermore, in the middle of those examinations, it's vital that you work to keep your...  Read More
When it comes to oral hygiene and dentistry, it is astonishing how little we know. The average Indian cannot name 90% of the instruments kept in a dentist’s workspace. This ignorance can also potentially cost us quite some money when we go for elaborate procedures such as dental implants....  Read More
With regards to more white teeth, even those with a flawless oral cleanliness routine willexperience the ill effects of some level of discolouration in the end. Advantageously, thereare various snappy and simple teeth brightening techniques to help the shade of your teethwithout bringing about any...  Read More
Your grin ought to endure forever, with from The Cosmetic Dental Studios.Supplanting missing teeth is vital to your general wellbeing furthermore to the soundness ofyour other teeth. At the point when characteristic teeth are missing, you lose bitingcapacity, and unreplaced teeth can bring about...  Read More
In case you're not having one or a greater amount of your teeth and would incline toward not tohave an extension or full or incomplete dentures, you should seriously mull over asking your dentalspecialist whether you'd be a decent contender for dental implants.give a more regular tooth substitution...  Read More
Numerous people, who have dental conditions like chipped teeth, recolored or even gaps, are searching for dental specialists to overhaul their grins. Porcelain shine is a suitable choice since this helps lighten up your teeth and you can't tell them apart from the natural ones. If you are hoping...  Read More
Tooth decay is brought on by bacteria that destroy the external layer of the tooth. In the event that your teeth are not dealt with properly, the polish wears out notwithstanding when you are at an extremely youthful age. Propensities that we take, and get used to, contribute much on the wellbeing...  Read More
The mouth is regarded as a gateway to the rest of the body, so if it is not taken care of, the bacteria from your teeth can have adverse effects on the rest of the body. It is, therefore, recommended that you brush and floss your mouth twice a day. Dentists also recommend avoiding sugary foods and...  Read More
A smile says a lot about someone, which is for the reason that the demand for teeth whitening has been increasing over the last few years. Due to the increase in demand, there are many options of teeth whitening. , a qualified and reputable dentist in Fort Worth, is committed to meeting the needs...  Read More
Having issues with your teeth? Do you lack confidence when talking to others? Or do you get nervous trying to talk your thoughts out? Enduring a tooth loss is now manageable because there are different alternatives accessible to those who wish to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the most...  Read More
When a patient has a problem with the dental carethey’ve received, many will consider making a complaint about their dentist.Usually, the motivation is to either recoup the financial costs for havingadditional or repair work done, or to warn others of the service that theyreceived (and the...  Read More
A smile says a lot about you, and if you have problems with your teeth or lack confidence when communicating and expressing your ideas call us at (732) 456-6144 or visit today for a consultation. Tooth loss is treatable, and there are many options available such as dental implants to replace...  Read More
Many of us today are suffering from dental related problems and especially the kids are suffering from some or the other problem related to teeth. Many people says they don’t know why they are facing such issues related to their teeth but the one and only problem is the food that is stuck to...  Read More
Human body is not perfect. It tends to act abnormally at times as a result of which we either fall sick or feel pain. One of the most common physical problems encountered by almost everyone is toothache. Teeth is one of the most sensitive parts in our body mainly because of the extra sensitive...  Read More
There are few people who would say that the experience of atoothache is an enjoyable experience. A toothache occurs when the pulp of thetooth becomes inflamed. Toothaches happen due to cavities, gum infections, aswell as the tooth getting injured. The information in this article is going toshow you...  Read More
Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth that you want fixed without calling any additional attention to the unsightly problem? Would you like the treatment to be shorter than the unsightly mouth of metal that most people wear? You are not alone. Many adults have long held out on getting braces...  Read More

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