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Keep It Safe And Simple with Jan Kielhorn : Howard Speaks Podcast #113
"Germany is the country of engineers. We have solutions that are perfect, technically, but they are not simple to maintain." Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Jan Kielhorn - HSP #113                            Watch Video here:                ...  Read More
Dentistry: Past, Present, Future with Josh Brower, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #98
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Josh Brower - HSP #98                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Josh Brower - HSP #98                              Josh Brower, DDS discusses changes over...  Read More
Guided Implant Surgery with Sheldon Lerner, DMD : Howard Speaks Podcast #89
  Stream Audio here:                                                                                                    AUDIO - Sheldon Lerner - HSP #89                                       Watch Video here:                                                          ...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry Is About Happiness, Not Beauty with Dr. Miguel Stanley : Howard Speaks Podcast #87
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Miguel Stanley - HSP #87                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Miguel Stanley - HSP #87                             Dr. Stanley explains why he...  Read More
Recent Grads Have Zero Implantology Training with Dr. Nicolas Elian : Howard Speaks Podcast #85
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Nicolas Elian - HSP #85                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Nicolas Elian - HSP #85                              Why recent grads have no implant...  Read More
The Revolution of Implantology with Dr. Kwang Bum Park : Howard Speaks Podcast #84
  Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Kwang Bum Park - HSP #84                                                                                                                          Stream Audio here:                                  ...  Read More
General Dentist vs. 'Oral Physician' with Isaac Tawil, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #82
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Isaac Tawil - HSP #82                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Isaac Tawil - HSP #82                              Dr. Isaac Tawil shares the inspiring...  Read More
Dental Turf Battles with Gordon Christensen : Howard Speaks Podcast #80
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Gordon Christensen - HSP #80                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Gordon Christensen - HSP #80                            The evolution of implants and...  Read More
The Why Of Learning with Dr. Michael Pikos : Howard Speaks Podcast #78
Stream Audio here:                                        AUDIO - Michael Pikos - HSP #78                            Watch Video here:                                        VIDEO - Michael Pikos - HSP #78                            Dr. Pikos shares in depth information...  Read More
Implantology: There Is No Magic Bullet with Dr. Bill Holden : Howard Speaks Podcast #46
You can spend $100k+ on a CBCT machine, send for surgical guides on every case and have the top of line implant systems, but in the end implantology is good old fashioned oral surgery.  You have to know what you're doing. However Dr. Bill Holden shares that, "a simple, flapless, cherry-picked...  Read More
Implants Made Easy with Dr. August de Oliveira : Howard Speaks Podcast #35
Dr. August de Oliveira shares how he routinely uses CBCT for endodontic diagnosis, implant treatment planning and surgical stent fabrication.  Learn about Dr. de Oliveira's books 'Implants Made Easy' and 'Guided Implantology Made Easy.' Dr. de Oliveira shares how he changes his surgical treatment...  Read More
No Employees, Life Is Good! with Dr. Gigi Huynh a.k.a. 'tinker-bell' : Howard Speaks Podcast #31
When Dr. Huynh’s employees quit on her, she realized she didn’t need them.  Listen as Dr. Howard Farran interviews one of Dentaltown’s favorite townies about practicing solo, the perfect alginate impression, and much more! Listen to the Show on iTunes  to listen on iTunes Listen to the Audio...  Read More
Shrinking the Implant Learning Curve with Dr. Emil Verban : Howard Speaks Podcast #29
Dr. Emil Verban taught himself to place implants without taking a $20,000 continuum. Learn how he did it and how to offer affordable implant options to your patients. Listen to the Show on iTunes  to listen on iTunes Listen to the Audio Here:                                                    ...  Read More
Profitable Guided Implants from Day 1 with Armen Mirzayan : Howard Speaks Podcast #27
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Armen Mirzayan talk about the advantages of cone beam, the popularity of guided surgery, and Dr. Mirzayan’s company, CAD-Ray Dental Imaging and Implant Planning Services.  Audio Podcast:                                                                             ...  Read More
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