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I specialized in Orthodontics and have not used these since dental school. The worked great when I used them. They are the S-frame that can be...
$1,800.00 0BO
Posted On: 3/26/2021
Location: Baltimore MD US
Zeiss EyeMag Pro F with titanium eyeglass frame 3.3x 450mm (18inches) Made in Germany Tried other loupes from Orascoptic and Q-optics, and...
Posted On: 2/16/2021
Location: Cleveland OH US
Salvin Enlighten LED System - Dental Loupe Headlight This item is brand new. I only opened the box to confirm the contents and ensure it is in proper...
$400.00 OBO
Posted On: 12/16/2020
Location: Columbia IL US
Surgitel Front-Lens-Mounted (flip-up) Loupes for sale. 2.5x magnification, adjustable interpupillary width. These loupes are in great condition. ...
Posted On: 11/25/2020
Location: Tucson AZ US
Orascoptic XV1 loupe and integrated light. Magnification is 3.8x Interpupillary distance: 64mm Working Distance: 16.5inches Comes with loupes, 4...
$1,950.00 OBO
Posted On: 8/5/2019
Location: Ashburn VA US
MARKED DOWN FROM $375! In very good condition, separate light source fiberoptic which clips onto frame, adjustable brightness. 2 sets available.
$125.00 $700 new
Posted On: 9/6/2018
Location: Toledo OH US
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