Endodontist Needed ($400,000+ Income) - Jacksonvil

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Endodontist Needed ($400,000+ Income) - Jacksonvil
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Jacksonville, Florida, US
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Position: Endodontist Needed ($400,000+ Income) - Jacksonville, FL

Are you an Endodontist seeking a lucrative opportunity to focus on providing excellent patient care in a multi-specialty practice? Join our Jacksonville, FL practice!

We are seeking a 3-4 day/week Endodontist for our established specialty/digital practice (no traveling) in Jacksonville, FL located @ 5218 Jammes Road, Suite B Jacksonville, FL 32210

Comprehensive compensation package (potential annual earnings of $400,000+), dedicated speciality Endo staff in-place, consistent patient flow/schedule, with a strong referral network of local GP offices. 

High Compensation:

* Six-Figure Annual Salary vs. 45% Production 
* $5,000 Sign-On Bonus

Benefits / Perks:
* Clinical Freedom and Treatment Autonomy
* Established and Growing Patient Foundation
* Multi-Specialty Setting
* Partnership Model -  Doctor Care Path / Investment Opportunities
* Full Benefits Offered -  Healthcare & Dental Benefits, 401K, Short Term / Long Term Disability, Time Off
* Malpractice Coverage Assistance
* Continued Education Reimbursement, Paid ADA & State Society Dues
* Group Practice Camaraderie -  Study Clubs, Chairside Mentoring, GEDC University Courses
* Please view our Doctor Career Path video: http://www.screencast.com/t/M3xWM5CYN

Apply via this ad to learn more about Great Expressions!

For More Information, Please Contact:
Vito Losuriello | Doctor Recruiter | Great Expressions Dental Centers

Phone 847-226-4265 | fax 248-203-2349 web www.greatexpressions.com 


Must have a DDS/DMD from an accredited University and active/clear State Dental Board license

Application Email: megan.cook.78844.3418@greatexpressions.aplitrak.com

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