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Digital Impression Scanner QuickScanIOS

Accurate, digital impression scans

The Full Color, Powderless Intraoral Scanner

The QuickScan IOS is powderless and offers full color digital scans. It is equipped with the latest technology of the new generation of intraoral scanners. It is compatible with any CAD/CAM software which accepts PLY and STL (the standard across the industry) files.  Tested by independent labs, it’s accuracy and performance is comparable to other leading scanners but at a fraction of the cost!



QuickScan IOS scans can be viewed in leading software such as 3shape, EXOCAD and Bluesky Bio.

Features & Specifications

Scanner Size : 240 x 49.5 x 30.5mm

Scanner Weight : 210g

Distance : 0-17mm

Accuracy : 20um

Imaging Mode :   Synchronous 3D Video

Quick Reset : Yes

Model Optimization : Yes

Warranty: 1 Year



QuickScan IOS uses an optical scanning method to collect the 3d geometric data of the tooth in the patient's mouth and provide the 3d digital model for CAD/CAM denture design and processing.


The excellent image quality is based on advanced CMOS technology. The convenient three-zone collection process uses a compact, comfortable, durable scanner head • Easy to use USB 2.0 interface.


GB 9706.1-2007 Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for safety

GB-191-2008 Packaging – Pictorial Marking for Handling of Goods




Specification Model

Scope of reconstruction


QuickScan I0S-11

14 x 14 x 15 mm

1024 X 768 pixels


Scanner handpiece:

The scanner handpiece captures a series of 2D images of the patient anatomy, and constructs a 3D model. The scanner is composed of optical imaging systems. The left end of the handpiece shown below has protective glass.

Scanner head:

The scanner head is attached to the left end of the handpiece. It is made of plastic, medical steel and a mirror. The scanner head can be sterilized using the prescribed method.


Holds the scanner handpiece when not in use. Includes a heater to defog the scanner head. Connects the scanner handpiece and the computer.


White micro-USB cable - Used to transmit the output signal from the scanner handpiece to the base.

Black USB 3.0 cable:Used to transmit output signals from the base to the computer.

Power Adapter:12V= 1.25A Medical certification power adapter.

Technical Specifications:

CMOS: 13 x 13mm

Pixel Size:1024 X 768 pixels

Scope of reconstruction:14 x 14 x 15 mm

Intensity of light radiation: ≤ 100mW/cm

Size of scanner handpiece including head:244 x 48 x 27mm

Micro USB data cable length from handpiece to base: 1.9m

USB 3.0 data cable length from base to PC:1.2m

PC minimum requirement:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64bit home or above

CPU:Intel i7-6700 Quad-core processor or above

Graphics card and video memory: NVIDIA GeForce 960GT or above graphics card, more than 2G

*Memory:16G or higher

* Display resolution:1920x1080

*USB port: USB2.0/3_0

Equipment operating environment:

a} environment temperature:10 ℃ -40℃

b) Relative humidity:≤ 85%;

c} atmospheric pressure:86KPa~106KPa;

Equipment storage, transportation environment:

a} environment temperature:-20℃ --55℃ -

b) Relative humidity:10%~93%;

c} atmospheric pressure:86KPa~106KPa;


a) Power voltage:110V or 220V

b) Power consumption:2SVA


Package Contents:



Scanner handpiece

Scanner head


Black data cable USB 3.0

White micro USB cable

Power adapter(12V)

Software on Denterprise USB card

User Manual

Superdog USB key software license

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