Frequently Used Acronyms

Admin :Administrator
adsfc:Asian Dental Sensation Fan Club
afaic:as far as I'm concerned
afaik:as far as I know
aka:also known as
bc or b/c:because
bfd:big f***ing deal
btw:by the way
fwiw:for what it's worth
fyi:for your information
gmta:great minds think alike
HoGo:Howard Goldstein
hth:hope this/that helps
idk:I don't know
imho:in my honest opinion
imo:in my opinion
iow :in other words
ita:I totally agree
jk or j/k :just kidding
jmho:just my honest opinion
lmao:laugh my a** off
lol:laugh out loud
ltns:long time no see
mb:message board
myob:mind your own business
na or n/a:not applicable
omg:oh my gosh/God/goodness
op:original poster
ot:off topic
otoh:on the other hand
pita:pain in the a**
pm:private message
rofl:rolling on the floor lauging
tbh:to be honest
tia:thanks in advance
tmi:too much information
TOA:Terms of Agreement
TOU:Terms of Use
wdyt:what do you think
wtf:what the f***

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