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Only from topsOrtho comes Lightning Cloud, a fast, easy and reliable high-performance cloud-based server. Lightning Cloud eliminates

time-consuming backups and expensive in-office servers, empowering practices with an efficient workflow. It focuses all cloud-based data into a single, unified platform surrounded by ironclad, HIPAA-compliant security for maximum data protection.

No more backups. No office server. No data outages. That’s topsOrtho. It’s also fast, easy and reliable. Orthodontists/users have voted topsOrtho as the best practice management software for four consecutive years in the Townie Choice Awards.

Fast: From top to bottom, topsOrtho was built to operate at the highest speed. It’s a 100 percent real Mac app running on real UNIX/macOS. Practices that use topsOrtho love its speed.

Easy: One can quickly learn and master topsOrtho’s intuitive management program, which was designed with users in mind.

Reliable: Crashes happen. Fact of life? Not so with topsOrtho. It’s reliable and practically bulletproof. The infrastructure allows things to happen quickly and seamlessly without disruption to a practice.

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