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A new, “clearly” different aligner solution

The SLX clear aligner system by Henry Schein Orthodontics (HSO) is not just another clear aligner. A comprehensive treatment solution for both adults and teens, SLX Clear Aligners are uniquely clear, provide a precision fit, and offer numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies. HSO’s aligner system incorporates the paradigm-changing sagittal-first philosophy with Carriere Motion 3D Clear Appliances for ultimate aesthetics and efficiency. With SLX?clear aligners, doctors can offer patients an aligner solution that is efficient, comfortable and truly aesthetic, with fewer unsightly attachments.

Uniquely clear
SLX aligners are completely clear. Without striations or a cloudy appearance, the proprietary ClearWear material provides ultimate clarity and fit to reduce the need for attachments.

Precision fit
The meticulous manufacturing process creates an intimate fit to the tooth anatomy, providing maximum tooth-specific control for improved comfort and fewer attachments. Scalloped at the gingival margin, SLX aligners securely hug the teeth with smooth, comfortable edges.

Streamlined and simplified
The intuitive Digital Dental Exchange SLX approver portal streamlines and simplifies the case-submission and treatment-planning process.

By providing only relevant patient information to experienced dental-trained technicians, doctors will receive fast and accurate case setups. HSO accepts STL digital impression files from all modern intraoral scanners.

Extreme efficiency
SLX clear aligners utilize the sagittal-first philosophy, establishing a Class I occlusion with Motion 3D appliances before aligner treatment. Compared with treating with aligners alone, this combined treatment approach is designed to simplify and standardize cases, reducing the total treatment time and the number of attachments and aligners.

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