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Practice with clarity

Every patient is unique. Their treatment plans should be, too.

With more than 70 years of experience in orthodontia, 3M offers a comprehensive range of flexible, individualized treatment solutions designed to help orthodontists grow their practices. Now, with 3M Clarity Esthetic Orthodontic Solutions, orthodontists can give their patients the aesthetic products they want—and get the control and flexibility they need to ensure precise, effective results.

Combining patient needs, such as aesthetics and comfort, with desired clinical outcomes, Clarity products are designed to empower clinicians to do what they do best—create individual treatment plans that change lives for the better.

• The 3M Clarity Aligners system delivers custom aesthetic treatment that ensures optimal patient care. With the clear aligner option, 3M offers the HIPAA-compliant 3M Oral Care portal, a web-based open platform that enables access to treatment plans at any time, from anywhere, accepting high-quality STL files from market-leading intraoral scanners.

• 3M Clarity Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets feature a wide ceramic door to assist rotational control with a broad mesial–distal span. The translucent and stain-resistant brackets are designed for patient comfort and can be activated with the proprietary oval under-tie-wing ligation design.

• 3M Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets are small, low-profile, translucent brackets that deliver predictable and consistent debonding with 3M’s proprietary stress concentrator on the bracket base. Enhancing patient comfort without compromising strength, the ceramic brackets blend naturally with tooth color, while resisting staining and discoloration during treatment.

Orthodontists’ expertise and 3M innovation bring science to the art of creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Utilizing leading-edge technology and materials, the Clarity portfolio of appliances delivers brilliant aesthetics and individual treatment solutions for a wide range of cases.

3M Clarity Esthetic Orthodontic Solutions help to deliver confidence in achieving desirable, predictable outcomes that result in happy patients with healthy smiles. 3M is committed to providing solutions that reduce variability and contribute to practice success and growth.

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