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Ultimate efficiency in orthodontic instrument reprocessing

Dentronix orthodontic instrument care systems are designed to optimize the efficiency of the orthodontic practice, maximizing instrument life and simplifying reprocessing operations. With a system of components that are designed to work together, the handling of individual instruments is minimized, resulting in smoother workflows and fewer opportunities for instrument damage.

At the core of the Dentronix orthodontic instrument care system is a time-saving pliers rack that transfers seamlessly from ultrasonic cleaner to dry-heat sterilizer. Once instruments are placed onto these racks, the racks are held securely by a wire stand integrated into the ultrasonic cleaner. At the conclusion of the cleaning cycle, the stand is lifted to suspend the instruments over the cleaner tank to drip-dry, mess-free, before the racks can be transferred directly into the dry-heat sterilizer. The result is an easier, more efficient instrument reprocessing workflow where additional handling of instruments becomes necessary only when performing periodic maintenance as required to keep instruments in prime working condition.

With the ability to process 36 orthodontic pliers per batch and a typical cool-to-cool dry-heat cycle time of less than 40 minutes, the Dentronix orthodontic instrument care system keeps up with the demands of a busy practice, simplifying workflow and protecting instruments.

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