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Control without compromise

Controlling torque, tip and rotation have been compensated for in various ways over the years, especially in passive self-ligating (PSL) bracket systems. The reduced friction and free-sliding movement are unable to utilize a ligation method that, at the very least, seats a wire firmly in place. This leaves many orthodontists struggling with control and finishing.

To achieve superior arch development and fully expressed smiles, research has shown that low forces and less friction are the better routes to take. It is critical to preserve the free-sliding mechanics of passive self-ligation while reducing the learning curve.

DynaFlex, consistent with its vision for innovative solutions, sees its Norris 20/26 PSL bracket system as an option easy to adopt for PSL, twin and active SL users.

The Norris 20/26 PSL System incorporates best-in-class features including:

  • A 0.020-by-0.026 archwire slot. Reduced slot dimension delivers unparalleled control while preserving free-sliding mechanics.
  • An auto-open/auto-close door. The unique mechanism allows the door to actually glide open or closed once the door travels 50% in either direction. This assisted opening and closing is the first and only of its kind, and is another leap forward in PSL technology.
  • Deep tie-wing undercuts. This true twin design easily accepts ligature ties and chain for additional control.
  • Nickel-free chromium cobalt. Chromium cobalt boasts superior frictional characteristics against 17-4 stainless steel while providing a safe solution for any potential nickel-allergy patients.

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