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Join more than 260,000 of your peers and gain access to a wealth of resources, education and much more

Dentaltown is more than just a monthly magazine—it’s the largest dental community in the world. The best part? Everything is completely free for students, residents and new graduates.

Consider Dentaltown your sounding board among your peers; Dentaltown is a private community of dentists and dental professionals. That means you can talk about everything, such as recommended root-canal techniques, favorite whitening products, how to handle the everyday troubles faced in a dental practice, or even your last CrossFit workout. Many members who meet on Dentaltown become lifelong friends—and enjoy the benefits of being a “Townie.”

Joining is free and easy

Register for your free Dentaltown membership by following these quick steps:

1. Visit dentaltown.com/register.

2. Follow the steps to confirm your account information. (Be sure to opt in for your free subscription to Dentaltown magazine in Step 5.)

3. Confirm your account by responding to the email we’ll send.

Dentaltown is an exclusive community for dental professionals only. New accounts go through a verification process that takes 24–48 hours.

Message boards. View active cases, ask questions—or maybe just vent after a particularly hard day at the office. On Dentaltown’s message boards, you have the chance to do all of this in a private forum exclusively for dental professionals.

Groups. Whether you have a study club or class project, you can create your own public or private group on Dentaltown.com to connect with other members.

Classified ads. Post your résumé or scout out available positions across the U.S., even if you haven’t yet landed a job out of school. Dentaltown's classified ad section is like a dental-exclusive Craigslist.

Podcasts. See what leaders in the dental industry are saying about current and upcoming trends in dentistry, practice management, marketing and more on Dr. Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast. Listen to over 1,400 podcasts—or start your own!—at dentaltown.com/podcasts.

Online CE that’s free to view. Dentaltown has more than 490 online continuing education courses that you can access on the Dentaltown app, mobile devices or desktop computers. Current dental students can view all courses for free, but payment is required to receive CE credit. There are courses in every aspect of dentistry, from practice management to implantology.

Get everything Dentaltown has to offer on the go! Visit dentaltown.com/app to download the app.


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