Product Profile: Dolphin Concierge

Product Profile: Dolphin Concierge 

Schedule appointments with ease

Less time on the phone means more time for patients
Dolphin Concierge, the newest feature in Dolphin Management, allows practice staff to schedule or reschedule appointments by sending a link via text or email that opens the practice schedule. The patient can then book an appointment directly into the practice schedule, in real time. This frees up phones and front desk staff, translating to more time spent on patients and growing the practice.

Using Concierge, staff can pull up a list of patients waiting for an appointment and send them the schedule so they can schedule at their convenience. Patients can add the appointment to their personal schedules on their mobile devices, directly from Concierge.

Keep patients and staff safe and secure
Patients’ parents appreciate the convenience of scheduling their next appointment from home or work. Concierge also allows patients to check in securely and remotely—say, from the parking lot—which allows them to avoid gathering in a waiting room and touching a computer screen.

About Dolphin Management
Dolphin Management is a robust system that can track all workflow and patient flow throughout different areas of the practice, including the admin and financial aspects of running a business. Its comprehensive set of features make it possible for a practice to embrace a new patient into its system before the patient ever steps foot into the physical office. New patient online forms and online scheduling automatically create the new patient’s profile and populate it with the given information.

Dolphin offers a suite of software and services that answers an orthodontic practice’s needs on a single platform. Specifically, products include solutions for 2D/3D imaging, diagnostics, practice management, case presentation and patient education software. All products are available via desktop software or in the cloud through a subscription service model. The company also offers mobile apps for the practice and the patient.

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