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New Products

Snapcaps Snapcaps are reusable, decorative caps with graphics such as hearts, soccer balls, skulls and candy canes that fit over metal brackets on the maxillary incisors. Patients who want to change their customized smile can do so at home; Snapcaps can be inserted and removed similar to orthodontic rubber bands, and do not engage the wire. They are compatible with most metal brackets.

The designs have been melted into the BPA- and latex-free caps with pigmented plastic, avoiding colored dyes.


Spark Release 12
Spark Release 12
Ormco’s new Spark Clear Aligners Release 12 offers clinical enhancements, product optimization and case-planning improvements to give doctors more flexibility, efficiency and control.

With this newest iteration, doctors can submit DICOM fi les to the Spark design team to ensure the roots shown in the approver software are positioned precisely over the roots in the DICOM fi les. Doctors can also import CBCT scans directly into the approver software from the website. In addition, the release introduces three new CBCT presets—skin, translucent skin, and bone and soft tissue—to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Posterior bite turbos, previously available only on molars, are now available for premolars. This feature will help mitigate molar intrusion while correcting the anterior open bite, crossbite or other conditions requiring posterior bite opening.


OraFit Clear Aligner System

OraFit Clear Aligner System Bausch and its oral health care business, OraPharma, have announced the U.S. launch of the OraFit custom clear aligner system. The new aligner system uses high-performance materials in a three-layer design that offers the latest in clear aligner technology and addresses the increased demand for improved aesthetics and more comfortable aligners.

OraFit’s plastic material maintains its clearness over time and is highly crack-resistant. The system also includes a user-friendly online resource that allows dental professionals to submit cases and approve treatment plans.


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