Product Profile: Glacier Thermoform Material

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Product Profile: Glacier Thermoform Material 

For fabrication of aligners and retainers

Glacier Ultra Premium Thermoform Material from DynaFlex was designed for durability, clarity and comfort during treatment. The product’s grab-force technology offers a high range of activation and memory, providing ductility that adapts to undercuts and gingival embrasures while being flexible enough to allow comfortable insertion and removal. With the material, which combines force and flex, biocompatible forces meet high aesthetic quality, yielding precise tooth movements and ultimate clarity.

Glacier is available in round and square formats and multiple thicknesses to suit any office’s needs. The .030 material works well for fabricating in-house aligners and supports healthy tooth movement, while the .035 and .040 materials are used for creating in-house retainers and supporting retention.

Glacier is orthodontist- and technician-approved. Technicians find that the material is easy to cut and trim and requires less polishing. Every Glacier disk comes with a protective blue film to be used during the thermoforming process to protect the material from debris and abrasion, leaving the clinician with clarity.

The product, which is manufactured in the U.S., is available for in-office purchase in boxes of 100. DynaFlex also uses Glacier material to fabricate its SmileShare clear aligners and EZ-Clear retainers.


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