Product Profile: uDesign 7.0

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Product Profile: uDesign 7.0 

Complex cases made easier

The uDesign 7.0 release, now with uAssist treatment planning, is a comprehensive aligner workflow solution that can be used across moderate to complex cases and provides the convenience, efficiency, control and flexibility needed when it comes to treatment planning, pricing and delivery. Plan cases with artificial intelligence (AI) tools or use the uAssist button within uDesign to send it to uLab Systems’ digital assistants.

“Complex cases that used to take 25 minutes now take 15 minutes to treatment-plan from start to finish. Limited cases can be planned in five to seven minutes,” says Dr. Mark McInnis. “Having the concierge service when we have several new starts at once gives me the flexibility I need from a single aligner platform.”

uLab Systems developed its uAssist planning service because each orthodontist has their unique workflow and the company wanted to provide options that enable them to practice the way they choose, providing flexibility at all stages of patient care.

“uAssist has allowed me to reduce my treatment designing time to five minutes per patient,” says Dr. Pedro E. Santiago. “The [uAssist] team understands my clinical preferences and responds within days of our case submission. A real game-changer.”

uDesign 7.0 new features:

  • uAssist. A new concierge planning assistance service by orthodontists and dentists who have been trained on the uDesign platform.
  • Improved guided setup. Faster and smarter than before. Choose the desired arch template and let the Al create the tooth movements. Explore the updated user interface for helpful labels and a streamlined experience. Adjust for an individual tooth with the new widget!
  • Auto staging. Let the Al do the staging work—with one button, set up the stages for each case to avoid collisions and provide intelligent tooth movement sequencing. Doctors can adjust the staging plan as desired, but uDesign’s Al will save time and effort.
  • uView. Access cases chairside to show a patient’s treatment plan and view clinical details like IPR and attachments. Access from any web-connected device by logging into the Hub and locating the patient’s case.
uSmile aligners ship from uLab’s U.S.-based facility, where 80% of materials used are reused or recycled.

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