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New Products
Dental Pod Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dental Pod Ultrasonic Cleaner Zima Dental’s new ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to remove tough stains and bacteria on retainers, aligners, dentures and other dental appliances.

The Dental Pod uses 42,000-hertz high-frequency ultrasonic energy that vibrates, creating millions of nanoscale bubbles that scour away bacteria, stains and plaque even in the tiniest crevices. This nonabrasive solution ensures a safe, deep clean. Any dental appliance can be cleaned in just five minutes.

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Shining 3D Aoralscan 3 Intraoral Scanner

Shining 3D Aoralscan 3 Intraoral Scanner Shining 3D’s third-generation intraoral scanner, the Aoralscan 3, has a 16-by-12- milllimeter field of view and can scan up to 22 mm. Its artificial intelligence scan capability automatically identifies and filters out unnecessary soft-tissue data during scanning, which results in a quicker, cleaner scan process. The easy-to-use system generates realistic color digital impressions and includes a three-year warranty. Two tip sizes that can be autoclaved up to 100 times are included.

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Midmark EOIS 3D X-RayMidmark EOIS 3D X-Ray

The Midmark Extraoral Imaging System (EOIS) 3D X-ray provides the detail required to take the guesswork out of evaluating and diagnosing patients. The unit includes a touchscreen control panel equipped with on-screen text guidance, imaging presets optimized to the patient’s anatomy and onboard tutorial videos for convenient operator training. Adding a cephalometric extension on either side of the unit expands orthodontic care from diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring to include pre- and postoperative appraisal, helping orthodontists provide a better standard of care to patients.

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