Product Profile: Scheduling Institute Gold Membership and 5-Star Telephone Certification

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Product Profile: Scheduling Institute Gold Membership and 5-Star Telephone Certification 

New patient generation, simplified

New patients are the lifeblood of any orthodontic practice, and a steady monthly increase is one of three critical components to growing a business. With the overwhelming majority of new patients calling before scheduling an appointment, it’s imperative to ensure that the team knows how to turn those calls into new patients.

The gold standard
After 25 years of helping doctors and their teams realize their true potential, Scheduling Institute’s 5-Star Telephone Training Program remains a gold standard in the industry. This foundational self-implementation program allows team training to be completed anywhere. Once certified, team members can turn inbound phone calls into scheduled appointments. On average, members see an increase of 26% in new patients in just the first 90 days of implementation.

Specialized courses, workbooks and tools
Once enrolled, team members have access to Scheduling Institute’s new and improved seven-part certification series. These specialized courses, webinars and audio lessons will educate the team on the five most important parts of every call, how to seamlessly handle insurance questions, master telephone conversion strategies and more. Supporting training workbooks and tools are provided in modules for each enrolled team member to use and reference through this self-guided training. This training will create a “five-star” patient experience over the phone and increase new patients and collections in the practice.

Ongoing certification and accountability
Not only do front desk team members learn how to increase new patients, but as a part of the gold membership, they also are held accountable monthly through critiqued mystery calls. These reviewed calls will coach them through additional improvements to reach and maintain certification.

“Training without accountability is just entertainment.”
                  — Scheduling Institute founder Jay Geier

Proven tracking tools
Gold members enjoy access to multiple tracking templates and online tools designed to focus themselves and their teams on the numbers that drive growth. These tools make keeping up with data easy, so the doctor always knows how the team is performing.

Gold membership for the doctor
Scheduling Institute’s gold members worldwide have enjoyed industry-leading new patient growth over the past 25 years. This membership not only guarantees a risk-free increase in new patients without adding any additional marketing, but also uncovers the untapped potential in the practice’s front desk team. Gold members also enjoy a consistent feed of exclusive practice growth content and member resources designed to sustain long-term results.

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