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New Products
Spark Clear Aligners Release 13

Spark R13 Developed with feedback from orthodontic specialists, the Spark Aligners Release 13 from Ormco includes three new features: integrated hooks, a CBCT TruRoot feature and real-time approval.

Spark’s integrated hooks can be used whenever elastics are needed in treatment, such as Class II and Class III correction, while the TruRoot feature is designed to deliver more comprehensive root visualization and treatment planning. Spark’s Approver Software now allows doctors to add, modify or delete aligner features without the need for change requests. This includes attachments, posterior bite turbos, bite ramps, elastic and button cutouts and integrated hooks.

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Open Sensor

Open Sensor The Open Sensor, designed to directly integrate with all major imaging software applications, is available through a subscription service. Each sensor costs $99/month, with a onetime $499 sign-up fee per sensor. The subscription includes installation, training, technical support, a lifetime warranty and accident forgiveness. The price and open nature of the sensor is an economical solution for offi ces looking to replace or add a new sensor to their existing imaging system.

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VivaStyle Whitening Program

Vivastyle Whitening Ivoclar has introduced its VivaStyle Whitening Program, which includes three different take-home whitening solutions: a whitening pen paired with an LED light, syringes filled with a carbamide peroxide solution that can be used in the provided customizable trays, and whitening strips. With the VivaStyle program, dental offices can keep an inventory of professional whitening products to grow sales inside the practice while also receiving additional tools and resources to help drive interest to existing and potential patients.

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