Relapse Orthodontists Want To See by Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar

Relapse Orthodontists <em>Want</em> To See 

by Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar

Relapse, once a concept to be avoided, has been forever transformed by a group of six prominent orthodontists turned rock stars. If you haven’t heard of this all-orthodontist cover band, step away from that rock you’ve been sitting under and allow me to elucidate.

When Relapse made its debut at the inaugural Mother of Pearls Conference (MOPC) in 2018, it was apparent the group had captured lightning in a bottle. Set lists expanded, as did the venues. Relapse has gone on to headline at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session, the Invisalign Summit and the Orthopreneurs Summit, and continues to be a staple of the MOPC (which was co-founded by band members Drs. Brian Anderson and Chris Teeters). From its original audience of 300 orthodontists, the band is now playing to sold-out crowds of up to 6,500.

Relapse has incorporated multiple genres of music and time periods, going as far back as the ’80s, but remains a rock cover band at its core. The band’s foray into pop has led to guest dance performances from the band’s family members and other orthodontists (including yours truly).

While Relapse has gone through changes over the years, the core comprises six orthodontists who are no strangers to the lecture circuit. Dr. Doug Shaw and Dr. Akash “Doc Ak” Pandya are lead vocalists and dancers, Dr. Jacquee “Jaxl Rose” Schieck is the bassist and lead vocalist, Dr. Kyle Fagala plays the drums, Teeters is lead guitarist and background vocalist, and Anderson is on keyboards.

The future is bright for Relapse as it continues to redefine orthodontic meeting entertainment. You can catch the band this year at the AAO Annual Session in New Orleans and the upcoming MOPC in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ll see you there!

Author Bio
Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar is a board-certified orthodontist in private practice with his wife, Dr. Jenny Sun, in the greater Phoenix area. He attended dental school at UCLA before earning a master’s degree in orthodontics from Columbia University in 2013. Sarpotdar is a co-founder of the Orthodontic Pearls Facebook group, along with its corresponding annual meeting, the Mother of Pearls Conference, and is a strong advocate for collegiality and shared learning within the profession.

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