Gaidge Debuts New Patient Tracker Module at AAO in Miami

Posted: May 19, 2022
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GAINESVILLE, Ga. —Gaidge announced it will preview its latest development, the New Patient Tracker at the 2022 AAO in Miami, May 21-24. The new module will provide comprehensive task management and tracking throughout the new patient journey, including a payment presentation tool and the ability for prospective patients to accept treatment remotely.

Gaidge Debuts New Patient Tracker Module at AAO in MiamiThe New Patient Tracker provides treatment, financial, observation and new patient coordinators everything they need to manage the prospective patient workflow in one place. With a patient management dashboard designed by treatment coordinators, (and all roles involved in new patient conversion), users are able to see each task along with completion status for every patient in your pipeline. Closing the exam, treatment coordinators can present financials in an interactive payment presentation slider that allows for custom flexibility and payment plans, unique to a practice’s treatment types and policies.

In the initial release practices will benefit from automated patient information being populated through integrations with Cloud9 and Dolphin Management. No double entry will be required, though a manual entry option is available. From there, electronic intake forms, insurance verification, treatment and payment plan information can be monitored and updated as each step is completed all the way through to contract acceptance and signature. Related performance metrics enhance the module with business insights that will help treatment coordinators manage their workload, celebrate wins and collaborate with doctors and team members on goals.

The release of Gaidge’s New Patient Tracker is expected later this year. AAO attendees will have the opportunity to preview the new module at the Gaidge booth, #2018 in Miami May 21-24, 2022, or by requesting more information via email:

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