Spark Clear Aligners Release 13

Posted: November 1, 2022
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BREA, Calif.—Ormco Corporation today announced the launch of its Spark Clear Aligners Release 13. Developed with feedback from orthodontic specialists, the Spark Aligners Release 13 includes proprietary Integrated Hooks, CBCT TruRoot Feature and Real Time Approval in the Spark Approver Software which will further enhance treatment planning and efficiency.

Spark Aligners’ enhanced and exclusive Integrated Hooks are built into the aligners with proven and tested durability throughout the course of aligner treatment. Spark’s Integrated Hooks can be used whenever elastics are needed, such as for Class II and Class III correction, and even with TADS to aid with intrusion for gummy smile correction.

With the introduction of the TruRoot Feature, Spark doctors now have the option to replace the library roots in the Spark Approver Software with the patient’s actual root shape as captured on the CBCT scan. Spark cases that utilize the CBCT TruRoot feature will have pink roots to visually differentiate them from the default library roots. Doctors can also customize with a color of choice to provide immediate identification of a TruRoot setup.

In the new Spark Approver Software, Aligner features in the auxiliary menu (Integrated Hooks, attachments, posterior bite turbos, bite ramps, elastic and button cutouts) can now be modified, added or deleted without the need for change requests.

Spark Aligners will also be having a webinar on Nov. 4, at 9 a.m. PT to discuss Release 13's latest clinical features. To register visit

For more information on Spark Aligners and the software update, visit

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