Ormco Launches Treatment Coordinator Program

Posted: June 20, 2023
Edited by Orthotown staff

BREA, Calif.— Ormco announces the unveiling of the first Treatment Coordinator (TC) Program and online Connective Portal from an orthodontic manufacturer, solely focused on the needs of the TC role.

Ormco built the dedicated program and site to support TCs with tools and materials to help explain treatment options to prospective patients and parents to build confidence in their patient conversion skills and knowledge of Ormco’s portfolio of products. Consultation tools and materials, from patient presentations and videos to demonstration and communication tools for Damon Ultima, Spark Clear Aligners, and Symetri Clear aesthetic braces, can all be found in the Ormco TC Connective portal.

Ormco’s exclusive Treatment Coordinator Program and Connective Portal offers:

  • TC specific product training courses and materials for building confidence and enhancing skills
  • Tools and materials by product to help boost patient conversions
  • A community to stay connected to Ormco news and other Treatment Coordinators
  • Easy access to Ormco marketing materials and product resources

For more information, visit tc.ormco.com.

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