DentaSEAL Pro Launches New Product Line

Posted: January 22, 2024

Edited by Hygienetown staff

SALT LAKE CITY— DentaSeal Pro unveils new product line offering a sealant, instant sensitivity relief gel and an appliance top coat. This product line directly addresses biofilm, stain, inflammation and is set to revolutionize how dentists and hygienists prevent oral diseases.

The proprietary formula behind the DentaSEAL Pro product line is a self-bonding polymer with multiple applications both inside and outside the oral cavity. When used as a pit-and-fissure sealant, it creates an instant chemical bond, thus eliminating the need to etch or light cure. The translucent gel is applied to non-cavitated areas such as root surfaces and demineralized enamel for instant and long-lasting relief and also prevents odor and build up when applied to fixed and removable prosthesis such as implants, dentures, retainers and clear aligners. Additionally, the formulation’s hydrophobic qualities positively impact oral inflammation by reducing biofilm, calculus and stain buildup.

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