Grin introduces Grin 3D Tx Tracker

Posted: May 13, 2024
Edited by Orthotown staff

NEW YORK—Grin recently introduced the Grin 3D Tx Tracker, and a suite of highly efficient tools to enhance the Grin Premium experience at the American Association of Orthodontics 2024 Annual Session.

The Grin 3D Tx Tracker is a 3D Progression Comparison tool that gives practitioners a more precise method of tracking treatment progress and provides insights and control over patient treatment progress. Grins' technology comprehensively analyzes patient progress in real-time and compares it to the original stages of the doctor's treatment plan. While remaining completely appliance-agnostic, The Grin 3D Tx Tracker is compatible with most major aligner brands and custom digital braces providers. Grin’s computer vision patented technology can now compare the Grin 2D scans received directly from the patient over their treatment lifecycle with the treatment expected 3D stages on a tooth-by-tooth level, allowing for smart detection of proximity to treatment goals or off-track teeth.

In addition to the treatment tracking tool, the company is launching a brand-new suite of tools designed to enhance the Grin Premium experience. Practices utilizing Grin’s Premium service will benefit from embedded, streamlined and highly traceable treatment management tools at the practice and patient levels, including new communication methods and tracking analytics, to gain deeper insights into their patients' needs and elevate the level of service provided.

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