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271 Be A Social Media Rockstar with Batya Maman : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

271 Be A Social Media Rockstar with Batya Maman : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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• How to effectively use social media marketing

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• How to target and build online communities



Batya Maman is a true entrepreneur. Born in Israel of Moroccan descent, this Jewish mother of three is an inspiration to many. She prides herself in being a mother of two beautiful daughters, and a son who is currently serving in the military.


Batya moved to the United States in February 2003 to pursue her passions and dreams in America, the Land of Opportunity. Since that time, she has taught herself English and opened several lucrative businesses. Prior to relocating to Florida, Batya was a computer technology teacher in Israel; she now uses those skills to master the social media market and to teach others. Her company trains, maintains and consultants clients, ranging from manufacturing to charitable organizations, on how to get the best results from their social media efforts.


For the first seven years in the U.S., Batya was successful in creating a Home and Office Organizational business plus a Renovation and Commercial Cleaning company. She also established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable personal concierge for home and business owners. Batya has proven herself as a diversified entrepreneur, successful in many endeavors.


Although, Batya’s primary childhood language is Hebrew, she also speaks Arabic. She has been quoted in saying, “I love language and upon arriving in America I taught myself the language of the United States. “I am now speaking English, it is a privilege.”


Batya has used her schooling and formal training in the computer sciences to advance her business career in the U.S. In Israel, she earned her degrees in Education and Teaching in the field of Computer Technology as her major concentration. She began her business career in Florida in the real estate related industry with her renovation and cleaning services, but when the Real Estate market changed, so did Batya. Being a savvy entrepreneur, she saw social media as a natural transition since she had the knowledge and abilities, from her education background, to create a new business venture. Being an innovative individual of entrepreneurial spirit, which is what brought Batya to America in the first place, she reinvented herself.


Her business did not happen overnight; Batya looked for a business opportunity that would lend itself to her education. She did market research and saw a trend in Public Relations and Marketing that was moving more towards Social Media. Batya jumped on the opportunity and created her company, Social Connect, and has excelled as an expert in Social Media, SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Mobile Sites, Applications and Web Site Design. This is truly a passion for Batya and all of her clients agree!


Batya Maman has an impeccable reputation and is well-respected in the community. From her businesses success as a home and office organizer, renovation specialist, and now the CEO of Social Connect, success has traveled with her. As her clients agree, Batya is a diversified, successful business woman who is excited about new ventures and new clients.


Batya Maman is a Social Media and Communications specialist and uses Social Media as a tool to connect between P2P (peer to peer) and B2B (business to business). She is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a connector of people!


Batya is looking forward to working with you to help create success and results!

Howard F.: Welcome to the Greater New York Meeting! I want to pronounce your name right, it's Batya Maman?

Batya: Yes.

Howard F.: That's Moroccan. Your mom and dad were born in Casablanca, Morocco, which is in all kinds of black and white Hollywood movies.

Batya: Yes.

Howard F.: Were you born there?

Batya: I'm born in Israel. 

Howard F.: You were born in Israel? Your parents left Casablanca for Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

Batya: Yeah. 

Howard F.: Which one?

Batya: In between.

Howard F.: In between?

Batya: Yeah.

Howard F.: That's where you grew up. Then, a dozen years ago you came to Florida?

Batya: Yep. I moved from Israel to Naples, Florida. 

Howard F.: What year was that? Twelve years ago?

Batya: Yeah, in 2003. 

Howard F.: They say there's only three reasons you ... Only one percent of the globe lives in a country they weren't born in. They said a third left for love, a third left for money, and a third are running from the law. Which one were you? 

Batya: Mine is, I tell people all the time - 

Howard F.: Are you still wanted back in Israel or Morocco?

Batya: Well, I tell people I moved from the Holy Land to the land of opportunities, America. 

Howard F.: Very good. In all seriousness, I asked her to be on the show, she didn't ask me to be on the show. I think you're a social media rockstar. I've always appreciated social media. I like to think Dental Town was the first community for dentistry in '98. I started Dental Town in 1998 before there was ... Facebook was 2004, so six years before Facebook, I wanted a place on Dental Town where dentists could go and talk to each other. The whole motto was, on, "No dentist would ever have to practice solo again," so I've always been very aware of any technology that connects dentists. I've always had an eye for that. 

We launched Dental Town in '98, we launched the Dental Town app like three or four years ago, but I'm always looking at social media to see "What can help connect dentists more?" My god, you do social media better, classier, nicer, so congratulations on that.

Batya: Thank you.

Howard F.: I mean, you really have an amazing touch on social media. What is your company now? You're doing social media for dentists?

Batya: I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and dentists.

Howard F.: In "entrepreneurs" you mean dental companies and then individual dentists or what do you mean "entrepreneurs?"

Batya: I work with some dental companies and individual but I also have people outside of dentistry world.

Howard F.: Okay.

Batya: Basically, what I do in my social media, I don't believe in start building business. I believe in building people first, they can build their own business because you have to be part of your own social media platform. People think, "Okay, I build a social media Facebook page, now you work it out for me." I believe that every person should be part of his own platform. To make it work you have to be part of it. People think social media is about posting. How many times to post on the Facebook and what to post on Facebook. Basically, it's not about how many times a day to post on Facebook, it's what you post and who you're talking to. 

Social media has changed a lot in the last couple years. A couple years ago it was just for fun and now it's becoming more business oriented; communication. I do believe that you need to use your social media to build a community. Today in the social media seminar here at the New York event, they were talking about, "What would be the best tool to build a community?" I think Twitter is the best one because if you were then to say you wanted to build a community, what will be the best for you to connect with people around your practice? You go to the main ...

Howard F.: What is your Twitter? 

Batya: Batyamaman. B-A-T-Y-A-M-A-M-A-N.

Howard F.: Wait, I'm sorry, I'm ...

Batya: You're not too fast.

Howard F.: I'm not as fast. I'm short, fat, old, senile ... I'm surprised every morning I get up that I'm still alive. It's at ...

Batya: Well, if you go to your notification, I just tagged you so you should be able to see.

Howard F.: You're at what?

Batya: B-A-T-Y-A.

Howard F.: B-A-T-Y-A ...

Batya: M-A ... It's right ... I'm right here, you just click me. I'm right here.

Howard F.: Batya. 

Batya: Yep. And you already followed me. 

Howard F.: I'm already following you.

Batya: Yeah. 

Howard F.: When you're talking to these guys, you're talking to thousands and thousands of dentists. When you're talking about building a community, are you talking about a dentist building a community to get new patients? 

Batya: Absolutely. First of all, it's not all about getting new patients. What you really wanted to do in your community is get to know as many people as you can. Let's say that I live in Naples, Florida, and I have a practice in the heart of Naples. What I should do is, I go on Twitter and look into high-end publication or the newspaper, the local newspaper, right? I'll go to the local newspaper and they have ten thousand, thirty thousand followers. If I wanted to build a community, I will go to somebody who has all the community that's following. For example, Naples Daily News is where everybody checks almost every single day what's going on in Naples. 

You go to Naples and you follow all the Naples Daily News followers and some of them will follow you back. What you actually get is its target audience, real people who actually live in the community. Not just go and follow everybody on Twitter. You don't want to follow people who live in New York when you live in Naples, Florida. A lot of people said, "I post and I have fifty thousand likes," and "I have eighty thousand likes." I say all the time, "Don't show me your likes, show me your money." It's not about how many likes you have and how many people you have engaged, it's what you can convert. 

If I have only twenty people seeing my posts but one of them becomes a patient or becomes a client or whatever it is, I got what I want. I don't have a lot of engagement on my Facebook page but you know what? I make a lot of money on my Facebook page. At least three, four clients per week, or potential clients reach out to me through my Facebook page. People come to engagement, they don't come to success. There is a way for you to monitor and measure success in social media using different call to actions, a tracking number, your followers, where your followers coming from. It's not about just having a million followers. You have 1.8 million followers and you have no success.

What we really do in my business is I always tell my clients, "Let's build community. Don't worry about what you post on social media right now, let's just build a community. Let's follow people because what Facebook did, or what Google did, or Twitter did, what they first did, they'd give you a free platform and just let you use it and use it and use it. You see what Facebook did, they just let you use everything for free, let you enjoy the game, and then now if you really want engagement you need to pay for it. That's what dentists should be doing too. 

First of all, just like be there, post there, grow your community. Before you try to sell, "Hey, fifteen hundred dollars of this and five hundred dollars of this and two hundred ..." Stop selling. Worry about building a community. Also, my top advice for dentists is, the dentists always want everybody to know about their practice and grow their practice and get more patients, but my question to those practices is, "What do you do to the community that you want the community to support you?" Giving back to the community, I think, is one of the largest successes I see in social media's pages, on Facebook pages, and Google pages, Twitter pages, is when I go ... 

If you go to my Facebook page you'll see that I support a lot of non-profit organization event in my community. That brings me a lot of audience. I don't do it to get the audience, I do it because I want to be part of the community. I want to be a leader in my community because if you are a leader in your community you give back to the community. There is no way the community will not give back to you. For me it's not about five hundred dollars of implant, it's what you do for your community. Today, I heard so many people asking the same question, "What to post? What to post?" If you don't have nothing to post, share posts. You don't always have to create content.

There is a lot of things happening in your community, search, find out what is going on there. Find out who is doing this charity event. What Make-A-Wish doing? What the breast cancer is doing? What the Children [Advocacy's 00:08:56] doing? What the foster children doing? Share. Be part of that. You know what? If you're going to do it, you're going to see the success coming to you. It's not about a five hundred dollars off.

Howard F.: Are dentists really building their practice with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+? Is it just one of those, two of those? If it ... Batya look, you said the bottom line was it's not about how many likes you get it's like how much money. It reminds me of the '93 to 2000 NASDAQ stock exchange where these companies were doubling evaluation, none of them had any earnings and they were just saying, "I got twelve million members and we're signing up a million a month," and all the old guys are saying, "Yeah, but you don't make any money." It went from like sixteen hundred to fifty eight hundred, then popped and, you know, it was crazy. 

If a dentist just said to you, "Batya, bottom line is this, I just want twenty more new patients a month. Right now I'm getting twenty-five to thirty new patients a month. If I could bump that to fifty, it wouldn't cost any more rent, mortgage, equipment [bill 00:10:11], computer insurance, no more staff, it'd be nothing but net. I just want twenty more new patients a month." What would you tell them? Would social media be a part of that mix? 

Batya: Absolutely. Absolutely. First of all -

Howard F.: They hire you to do that?

Batya: Absolutely. 

Howard F.: How do dentists hire you? What is your website? How does that work?

Batya: First of all, most of the people that hire me saw me at event, know me, get a referral from clients. The last five years I work best ... Most of my clients come in from referral.

Howard F.: Well, I'm referring. This is word of mouth referral, just via podcast.

Batya: Thank you.

Howard F.: What is your website?


Howard F.: Gobatya ...

Batya: Dot com.

Howard F.: G-O-B-A-T-Y-A ...

Batya: Dot com.

Howard F.: Dot com. Gobatya ...


Howard F.: It's Batya.

Batya: Batya.

Howard F.: Batya, dot com.

Batya: Batya.

Howard F.: What percent of your clients are in dentistry?

Batya: I would say, right now, seventy percent.

Howard F.: Okay.

Batya: It all has happened in the last year and a half.

Howard F.: Is it like a certain cost per month or is it a different cost for every person depending on how many new patients a month? How does that actually work?

Batya: Here's how it works. A lot of people said, "Okay, I need you to manage my social media." Manage social media can be this short of a process or it could be this long of a process. The reason my process is so short is because before we start managing social media we build you your social media. We really build you a real platform; a platform that works for you. What is social media? People think social media is Facebook and Twitter but social media is not Facebook and Twitter, social media is you, is your reputation, is your trust, is your business, is your integrity, is everything else but the Facebook and Twitter. 

As I said, social media is a good work shared with the public. It doesn't really matter if you're a dentist or you're an accountant or a lawyer, social media is a good work shared with the public.

Howard F.: Social media is a word meaning, "shared with the public?" Is that what you ...

Batya: It's a good work shared with the public. Good work. When you do something good and you share it with the public, that's how, actually, you grow.

Howard F.: Social media is a good work ...

Batya: Shared with the public. 

Howard F.: Shared with the public. 

Batya: That's what it is but what we do. Right now we're doing this podcasting, we're taking pictures, we post on Facebook. We're doing something good here, we're helping other people to understand what is social media. What we do, after we're done here, we're going to post it on social media, right? That's what it is. People want to see your good work, people don't care about the B.S. they only care about the good work. What you're doing good for others that they're going to follow you? What's the reason for people to follow you if you're not bringing something good to them? 

That's what I say, again, social media is to grow your audience, grow your communities, not grow in your "like." It's grow a real audience. It's not about the "like." I'd rather having two hundred likes, real likes, people that are actually following me and care about what I post, than have six thousand fake likes. That's what it is. Back to the question that you were asking me before is, we build a social media platform, I contract with Apple, and what I do is I download thirty apps on a mini iPad and we connect all your social media and you can use this device ten minutes per day to post in all your platforms at one time. 

It's not just like a one action, instead of using like fifteen or twenty different actions on social media, you only use the one, two, three. If you use it two times or three times a day, you're going to have a full social media for you. You can schedule your messages, you can do it right now in live time, it's up to you how you want to do it but we hand you a device -

Howard F.: Now is that kind of like Hootsuite?

Batya: Hootsuite is a small platform. Hootsuite only connected you to four different social media channels.

Howard F.: The other thing I don't like about Hootsuite is like, say someone uses that on Facebook, on their Twitter it'll just be a link to their Facebook. There's nothing engaging. You don't see the photo and it just looks like, "Okay, you're using Twitter just to drive me to click your Facebook." That doesn't even make sense to me.

Batya: Right, but if you see on my Twitter account, instead of sending links, I actually post pictures through Facebook. There is a third party app that you can use that every time you post something on Facebook or Instagram, it goes as a picture and not as a link. You see that picture? You see? It go directly pictures. It's not link.

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: It's something that you need an expert to come and take all your social media platform and build it to tweak all of them together and when you post you really get a lot out of it. Now -

Howard F.: Back to the dentist who really just wants another twenty new patients a month.

Batya: They need it to be out there. You need it to post every single day. Somebody said today -

Howard F.: There's a lot of ... Post where? Facebook or would you do ... 

Batya: All over.

Howard F.: Would you do Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+? How many are there and how many would you be a part of?

Batya: I would sign up for twelve or fifteen of them. 

Howard F.: Twelve or fifteen? Holy-moly. 

Batya: Fifteen of them. Absolutely. I'll tell you why, it's because you want to create a huge buzz on Google. Here's the deal, you mentioned everything else and Google+ is not a Google+, it's Google My Business. There is a huge difference between Google My Business to Google+ as you as a person. Google+ is, actually, represent your business. When you say Google+, there is no Google+ for your business; there is a Google My Business and they are two different channels. If you see Google My Business as a patient, you're verified, and you can see a check mark on the top banner that you have there and in the personal you can see follower, you can edit all those different links. People don't know the difference between these two and I think that's the biggest problem I've found with a lot of dentists.

When you go and search for anything online, where do you go first?

Howard F.: Google.

Batya: That's where everybody should be. Google is the largest search engine in the world and people failing to be there all the time. You need to be on Google all the time. People need to post on Google every single day and -

Howard F.: What do you mean post on Google? You mean Google+ or Google My Business?

Batya: Google My Business.

Howard F.: Google My Business? I'm just wondering, I have this Google+ ...

Batya: That's you. That should be not a business, that should be ...

Howard F.: That's me, Howard.

Batya: Exactly.

Howard F.: My dental office should be Google My Business.

Batya: Yeah.

Howard F.: What is Google ...

Batya: It's right here.

Howard F.: Is that another different app?

Batya: Absolutely. That's Google My Business. Not just that this -

Howard F.: Hey, Ryan, come over here and download -

Batya: I already told Ryan about it.

Howard F.: Come over here and download ... What is it? Google My Business app?

Batya: Google My Business app. Let me show you mine.

Howard F.: You can come over here. Come here. Look at this Ryan.

Batya: Google My Business app gives you -

Howard F.: This is my son, Ryan, he's number three.

Batya: Hi, Ryan! Google My Business -

Howard F.: He reminds me every day that everyone should stop after two kids.

Batya: I know, I talk to Ryan every single day.

Howard F.: I don't know why I had three, and your little brother is just proof that you never have four.

Ryan: Is it an application on the app store? Google My Business?

Batya: Google My Business. If you go to Google and app developer, there is about twenty different apps that you should download at least half of them.

Howard F.: What should you download?

Batya: All those ... Here, just download that first. Let's do one at a time. Watch this.

Howard F.: Okay.

Batya: This is Google My Business app, right? It gives you a real-time result of your Google page. It shows you here, in the last thirty days, six thousand, five hundred and forty-eight views on that page. Two actions on posts.

Howard F.: Now this is looking at your page?

Batya: No, that's not mine, that's one of my client's.

Howard F.: Oh, that's one of your client's?

Batya: It shows you ninety-two clicks. This client actually gets client, a new patient every month just from this page. Now, if you want to see it ... The reception is not so good here.

Ryan: Yeah.

Howard F.: Is it downloading?

Ryan: No, it's just the reception's not very good.

Howard F.: Is it going to download?

Ryan: I think so, yeah. It's loading it.

Batya: Yeah, the reception is really bad but basically this app gives you a real measurement of how your Google is doing. A lot of people don't have that.

Howard F.: When you say, "How my Google is doing," you mean how my dental office website is doing?

Batya: It's not your website, it's your Google presence. It's your Google My Business; the "Google+" that you call it. Okay? In your Google+ should be connected your local map, your YouTube account, your posts your picture, your video tour ...

Howard F.: Are you getting all this?

Batya: He already know that! We already -

Howard F.: Hey, listen here, you don't need to stand behind there. 

Batya: I already yelled at your office about it. I've been yelling all week, they all know about it. Here's Apple Store, is calling me because they always making me new iPads. They pre-download for me mini iPads for my clients.

Howard F.: Okay, so this should shut up ... "My Business would like to send you notifications ..."

Batya: You needed to log into it as the business and not as a person. That's what you have. The problem with you and I already told you that you're a business connected to a brand page not a personal page or a business page. That needs to be changed and I'm not going to say it here online, so everybody sees how Howard needs to fix some things in here.

Howard F.: No, I'm totally humble.

Batya: You see, it shows that your personal Google is not even connected to any of your business. Here's a power control. First of all, you should be owning all the Google pages for your business under your personal one, so you're able, from here, to manage. If you see this app here, I manage about a hundred and fifty different Google pages right from here. See, I go here and I can switch between all my client's pages. You see? Keep moving, keep going -

Howard F.: I see Arun Garg in there. My buddy, Arun.

Batya: Arun is one of my top clients.

Howard F.: Is it Arun? Arun?

Batya: Arun Garg is amazing. He's really amazing. One of the most brilliant people I've met.

Howard F.: That's because you haven't met Ryan yet.

Batya: Well, Ryan is different. 

Howard F.: Ryan is the next Arun Garg.

Batya: He's not an implant expert.

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: Dr. Garg is expert in implants. I attend to some of his seminars and I don't know much about dentistry but I was impressed with the way he delivered his seminars and show people how to market them, how to do things. It's just brilliant. Brilliant. I'm so happy and lucky to be working with him.

Howard F.: Now, you're in Naples, Florida, and Arun's down in Miami?

Batya: In Miami. I have clients in San Diego, I have clients in New York, I have clients in Dallas, Texas, I have them in Maryland, I have clients all over.

Howard F.: You say seventy percent of them are general dentists?

Batya: Dentists, yeah.

Howard F.: What are they paying you a month and what kind of new patients are they getting? Does it work out to be ... Do you figure it like, it costs him a hundred dollars per head? What are -

Batya: We don't work with three numbers.

Howard F.: You don't work with what?

Batya: Three numbers, "a hundred dollars," that's not our pricing. We're pretty expensive but ...

Howard F.: I mean, does it work out to be how much money per head?

Batya: It works for my clients. My clients, first of all, it's really dependent where you coming from. If you come with some social media presence and you already built a community and we needed to help you to get new patients, it's easy, but if you come from nothing, first of all, we needed to build your social media because where are you going to get patients from if you have no audience? You need to build an audience first, and you need to build your community because if you have audience that then ... A lot of people buy, right now, the likes or most of the likes is Indonesia, Pakistan, and overseas or whatever.

Howard F.: When they "buy" likes?

Batya: When they buy likes.

Howard F.: What do you mean "buy" likes?

Batya: Buy likes. Some people go to and buy likes for their business. If you buy your likes -

Howard F.: Why would they do that?

Batya: Because they want to show that they have a lot of followers. A lot of people do that and I understand why they do that but here's the deal, you can't convert these people into patients because they're overseas.

Howard F.: That's more for their ego or is it just to give them credibility?

Batya: Everybody wants to look popular, I guess.

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: That's what it is. Everybody wants to be popular but -

Howard F.: I never bought a like or anything ever but I've noticed that some people sort of got ... Some names in dentistry though have like two hundred and fifty thousand followers. Yeah, some of these people have crazy, insane numbers. Then you go and look back at their activity and there's almost no activity. It's like, "How do you have ..."

Batya: There is no activity but you know it's not about activity, it's about the ... It's just like I said, "Don't show me your likes, show me your money."

Howard F.: Yeah, okay, here's one.

Batya: If they're doing well you'll know about it.

Howard F.: There's a hundred and forty-seven thousand followers ...

Batya: Here's how you find the fake followers. There is one thing that I can show you right now. You hit here and there is a generator from Fiverr that has the same faces. You keep scrolling down because always, in the top, they show you the real one and the bottom they show you all the fakes. If you continue scrolling down you can see all these weird faces and the "eggs." We call them the "eggs" because there is no face, there is no posts, there is no activity. Look at this one for example. This one is not a real account. South Africa. How a patient in South Africa benefit you today? Look at this. This is only two posts.

Howard F.: People buy likes and followers because it makes them have more credibility?

Batya: They think so. I don't know if that add -

Howard F.: You're of the mindset that "money's the answer, what's the question?"

Batya: Yeah. For me that -

Howard F.: If you're not making money off this ...

Batya: Yeah, if you make money from it, good luck to you. That's great, good for you. If you're not, what's the point? What's the point of having so many likes but no showing them your numbers? You know what? If you post a picture and you have fifty thousand followers and you have five thousand likes on it, it makes you look good, but if you have fifty thousand followers and only two people likes, or only thirty people likes the page ... It's always, if you look in those business pages, always the same people liking it. Always the same people. 

There's people that actually go and buy ten thousand likes for a picture. You see a lot of celebrities, I don't want to mention it because I don't like to trash people online but you can see that a person posts a picture two minutes ago and it already have fifteen hundred likes. Even if Kim Kardashian is going to post a picture she's not going to get, in two minutes, fifteen hundred likes. It takes time to get those likes. It looks like everybody's on Facebook at one time. Nobody's working, nobody's doing dishes, nobody cleaning, no cooking or doing anything. There is a lot of them out there.

What they do, they buy an app and they buy maybe a hundred thousand likes and soon as you, every time you post a picture they send you automatically five hundred likes or fifteen hundred likes, whatever you committed to it. The picture been posted thirty seconds ago and then at three thousand likes, it doesn't -

Howard F.: I would think Facebook would shut down stuff like that.

Batya: Facebook won't shut down because Facebook don't even care about these anymore because Facebook, if you buy the sponsor pages and you do ads, long as you spend money, you think they care? If Facebook will care and knew about all those pages, here's what Facebook would do. There is a lot of bad Facebook pages that shouldn't be on Facebook; naked, Muslim, German hate Jew, and all those different things. If Facebook was aware of all those different pages they will shutting them down a long time ago, so Facebook cannot see it. Facebook is all automatic system. When you talk to somebody on Facebook, you actually talk to a machine, there is no person behind. There is no person, so -

Howard F.: The one thing I'm ... I think who brought it to my attention first was on Shark Tank, that Mark Cuban was saying he built up this million person page Facebook before he found out that when he posted something it didn't go to all his million followers, but Twitter is. Twitter's the real thing where if you build up a thousand followers, you make a post, all one thousand get it. Isn't that right?

Batya: Yeah.

Howard F.: If you build up a thousand followers on Facebook and you post something, maybe only five people will get it. Correct?

Batya: Yeah, that's true. That's true. It really depends but here's another deal about Facebook; Facebook, when you post something, it goes so fast in the news feed because people every two seconds post something. I post about ten times per day, right? The best action for a dentist to do on social media, in particular on Facebook, is spend a dollar a day for Facebook ads. What you do, I always recommend to start in the beginning of the year, January 1st, 2016, you spend a dollar a day, three hundred and sixty-five dollars a year, and you create an ad that works for you all year long, 24/7. I think it's the best way to do it because when you post, it's not necessarily people there but if you create an ad -

Howard F.: You recommend a dental office making one ad ...

Batya: I would do three different ones but -

Howard F.: Three different ads, and then spend three dollars a day?

Batya: Yeah. One of them, "Visit our website," second, "Like our Facebook page," third, a promo piece.

Howard F.: Say the three again.

Batya: Like our Facebook page, visit our website, and a promo piece. Whatever you're ... Invisalign or -

Howard F.: You would just make those three ads and every day ...

Batya: Run all day long, all year long, never stop.

Howard F.: You bump each one a dollar a day or all three for one dollar?

Batya: I would do each one separately for a dollar a day.

Howard F.: A dollar a day?

Batya: You can't do three for one dollar, it's not working this way. You have to create those ads because those ads work for you 24/7. Your posts work for you maybe for twenty minutes on the news feed but the posts work for you 24/7, the sponsor ads. When you go to Facebook you see a lot of sponsor ads, right? Those are the dollar a day. A lot of people just go and boost posts and I always recommended never boost posts.

Howard F.: Okay, now what is the difference between a boost post and placing an ad?

Batya: You know boost give you a lot of views, that's it, but when you create a ad based on your target market, you really, again, build a community.

Howard F.: Ryan. She's saying like on these podcasts ...

Batya: You can download another app for your father that's called Facebook Ads. That's to manage and monitor all ads and you can -

Howard F.: When we do a podcast, sometimes what we do is we boost them and she's saying, "Don't ever boost."

Batya: If you boost, don't spend more than a dollar because it's a waste of your money. If you spend a dollar or five dollars, I think you're going to get the same result.

Howard F.: You would say, "Do an ad?"

Batya: Do an ad.

Howard F.: That is called, what app is that?

Ryan: Facebook Ads?

Batya: Facebook Ads. With the Facebook Ads, I'll show you here, you can turn on and off your advertising and you can actually create the ads right from your phone. It's right here. You see this app? It's an amazing app.

Howard F.: Facebook Ads?

Batya: There's about thirty apps that you guys need to download, but you see this? All those ads that work for me when it's green, it shows you ... That is in review, I just sent it out today. All those are completed. You see? Sometimes I just go right now and I can, I just can go to this one right now and turn this on. You see? You turn them on and off right from here. You have all the different campaigns. I create the same one that work for me all year long. I don't have to do something particular for this month or the other months. If you wanted to create a new one -

Howard F.: You're awfully, awfully sophisticated and I was aware of that the first time I saw your stuff. I thought, "This woman is at another level."

Batya: Thank you.

Howard F.: In talking to these dentists here, are you more set up for dental companies or my homies listening to you, are you at their level too?

Batya: Absolutely. I like building people -

Howard F.: How much are you talking about? Get to the meat of the deal, they're listening, how much does someone like you cost? What would it cost for you to get a dentist to your level on social media?

Batya: The setup costs five thousand dollars, sometimes more. It depends if you have more than one practice, three practice, the locations, whatever. It's really dependent on what you have. It's five thousand dollars to set up and then almost seven hundred dollars a month to maintain. We do a lot of training, we do education, we do online education, we do over the phone education, we do seminars. Office training.

Howard F.: If my homies gave you five grand you'd set everything up and then seven hundred a month you maintain it?

Batya: Yep.

Howard F.: What do you think would be the net result? Do you think you'd get ... Can you predict? Do you think you'd get five more new patients a month? Ten?

Batya: I have clients who have twenty new patients every month, I have clients who have thirty new patients every month. The idea in the beginning, when we said we build your social media, is first of all to grow your audience because if you only have ten followers on your Facebook and I need to get you a new patient, I'm not able to do that. Nobody can do it. A lot of my clients go in and spending two thousand, three thousand dollars on SEO services, right? I said, "You know what? Stop doing these SEO and stop spending three thousand dollars on SEO," because SEO is something that you can create yourself, but organically.

SEO, you pay them for two years, you stop paying them, you drop like you were never there before. If you use my platform and you post every single day in the last three or four years, you actually create history. If you stop spending money on SEO, you create your own. When you go in Google and you see all the posts that we do on Facebook, we actually post them on Google My Business as well, and we add keywords. I'm not going to talk about our keywords because that's our magic, success right here, but we build keywords on the posts that actually work for my clients and attract clients to their location. The keywords should always be your services and the benefit of your services. Your location, your practice, your name. 

You just need to be attractive on social media. Really attractive. To make people want to come to your page.

Howard F.: The bottom line is, these dentists want the people in their community to find their dental website.

Batya: Yeah.

Howard F.: How does Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever, increase your SEO, your search engine optimization, so that when mom is searching for ... Say she lives in Plano, Texas and she's looking for a dentist in Plano, Texas, how does all my Facebook and Twitter increase my search engine optimization that she's going to land on my dental office website?

Batya: When she search for you and you know ... Here's the deal, when you search and you find on the top the website, that's a good thing. You're website is not such an outdated thing because you create a website and five years you don't touch it, but with social media you put all the new information; what's happening today, you have success stories, you have happy patients, you have reviews, you have videos, you have pictures with patients but this is what happened today, this is happen tomorrow. When people come to your social media, to Google, and search for you and they see your website and then they see your Facebook and your Twitter and your Instagram and your Pinterest, and you're all over. All your social media show that your so successful, you're so up tone, you love your patient, your patient love you ... 

You know your social media actually shows how much you love your patient and how much your patient loves you? I have a client and I really wanted to talk about her. Her name is Claudia [Cortadi 00:34:33], she's in San Diego.

Howard F.: Dentist?

Batya: She's a dentist.

Howard F.: Yeah?

Batya: She actually told me about you. Without her I would have never knew about your existence but she's amazing. When she come to me, she did not even have a social media presence. I literally took her from nada to Prada. She's not -

Howard F.: Nada to Prada?

Batya: Nada to Prada.

Howard F.: Nada means no, what's Prada mean? The purse?

Batya: The fancy ... 

Howard F.: The fancy purse?

Batya: Yeah, the fancy company. Now she's like really fancy on social media. She is going every day and she's there, because with social media the magic is being there all the time. Not just when you think it's the right thing to be. People said, "When should I post, Tuesday or Thursday?" I'm like, "Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday." Saturday is not a business day so post something fun. Share something from the community. Share a success story, you meet an old friend, there is a party going on in the community, there is a 5k run in my downtown city, or whatever it is. There is always something that we can talk about. 

You're an expert posting and sharing information and what I like about you a lot, I'm watching you very closely, is the fact that you support a lot of dentists on your own social media. You share their posts. You're not creating all your content, your sharing a lot of content and it's smart, because when you share their content you actually get their attention as well, and their audience attention as well. I came to you because of Claudia Cortadi, because when we started doing her social media, I remember her and I sitting in the hotel and I'm teaching her how to use the iPad, then she said, "Oh, I want to follow Howard! Howard is amazing! Howard is this and that." Then she started telling me all about you and we subscribed to you, so every time you post something, I got notified, she got notified.

We're not going and checking you every single day, as Facebook notified us every time you post, so if it's something interesting, we share it. Sometimes, don't even waste your time thinking about what to post today, notified, subscribe to those people that think they're a leader in the dental industry and they have great information and subscribe to them and every time they post something you have an idea what to post today.

Howard F.: Okay, I want to go back to more specifics. You talked about fifteen different social media platforms. Name all the different social medias. Name all the ones that you think are worth a dentist's time and effort.

Batya: Okay, so we have Facebook, the personal page.

Howard F.: What would you call that? Would that be the leader? The four hundred pound draw?

Batya: Yes, but you need to do the Facebook, the business and the personal because people want to know you as a person. People work with people. People don't work with building and business, right? There is two. You have Instagram ... By the way, are you using this app? Pages?

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: Good.

Howard F.: Is Instagram ... True or False. A lot of people say that Pinterest was the first photo sharing and then Facebook kind of wanted their photo sharing and then Instagram started and they only had like nineteen employees, they bought it for a billion dollars as a [player 00:37:36] [edge 00:37:37] against Pinterest.

Batya: You always have to look into growth. Look how far Instagram become and look into Pinterest. What happened? It's just like that.

Howard F.: That's because Facebook bought Instagram.

Batya: But why Facebook bought Instagram?

Howard F.: What's that?

Batya: Why Facebook bought Instagram is because Instagram grow, actually, a lot faster than Facebook in a very short period of time.

Howard F.: Explain to the homies what the difference between Facebook and Instagram is.

Batya: Facebook is more for sharing information and Instagram is pictures. It's all about pictures. You can't post articles or blogging on Instagram.

Howard F.: Why does my mother keep telling me that I have a face for radio and not Instagram? My mother keeps telling me, she goes, "You need to be on radio, not Instagram." I'm just kidding.

Batya: That's a reputation that you build. That's how she sees you. I mean, she probably get used to it. Basically, Instagram is really good for sharing pictures. It's all about pictures, right?

Howard F.: Should a dentist be using Instagram too?

Batya: Absolutely. Just what I don't like, when I go on Instagram and I see all this blood red posts, I just stop and I just unfollow them. I love following dentists but when I see all those cutting and bleeding, who wants to see that? If I'm a dentist -

Howard F.: Only a dentist, not a patient.

Batya: Only a dentist, but if you want to attract new patients you scare them this way. That's not the way to attract patients, trust me. With patients, all you need to show them is the big smile that happen in the end, because people come to the dentist, "I'm scared from dentists." If you show them this is a pain-free dentistry, they will love following you, but if you show them all the cutting and blood, they're already scared coming to you, what're you going to do, scare them even more? 

If I'm a dentist and I want to learn a new technique from you, I'll follow you. Yes, there is a good reason for me but what I would like to see as a patient is before and after big cases, big smile. Something different, beautiful, million dollar smile, Kim Kardashian smile, a Jennifer Lopez smile. Show me that things because that's what I will be interested in. Not cutting, no blood.

Howard F.: Okay, so Facebook personal, Facebook business, Instagram -

Batya: Instagram. Twitter.

Howard F.: Twitter.

Batya: LinkedIn.

Howard F.: LinkedIn.

Batya: YouTube.

Howard F.: YouTube.

Batya: Google+, Google My Business. Periscope is really good.

Howard F.: Periscope? I've never even heard of that.

Batya: Well, Periscope is like a video chat thing. Then, right now you have -

Howard F.: Periscope, is that like Vine? Vine was ...

Batya: Yeah, something like that. It's like chatting things. There is a gazillion of them out there. You have Snapchat, which I don't really like to use, and you have the groups on LinkedIn.

Howard F.: Now, Snapchat, I thought that was the college porn thing where you can send someone a naked picture then it disappears in five seconds.

Batya: Not anymore. Well, it's not actually disappearing, somebody can take a screenshot of it and re-post it and it's never going to disappear. I would never -

Howard F.: Would a dentist who trying to get new patients want a Snapchat pic up too?

Batya: People do that. I don't recommend it but people do that. Here's the deal about social media, if you're a dentist who only focus on Snapchat and put a hundred percent of your time and knowledge into that, you'll make it successful. But if Snapchat is just going to be another one for you, it might not work really good. I don't like Snapchat because ...

Howard F.: You know, it's interesting you said that because I've heard consulting saying that everybody's so focused on Google, which is eighty percent of the market.

Batya: They should be.

Howard F.: But if someone was to just totally focus on Bing, which is only the other twenty percent, that that might be a good use of time because nobody cares about Bing but if you focus on that one little hidden, under the rug ... Do you recommend ... If no one's advertising on Bing because everyone's on Google that maybe Bing isn't ...

Batya: I think Google is the big deal. If I -

Howard F.: You wouldn't waste your time on Bing?

Batya: Yeah. Bing is good because people still search there, I think the older population still go to Bing because they still have this AOL things and all, whatever, but I would put a hundred percent of my focus on Google. When you do Instagram and you Facebook and you LinkedIn, you're actually focusing on Google because that comes on the search. Tumblr. You know, Tumblr is amazing because ... Are you on Instagram?

Howard F.: I think I have an Instagram one.

Batya: Let me show you something on Instagram, really cool.

Howard F.: Thank you, Cammy.

Batya: When you go and post ... Are you posting ever pictures on Instagram?

Howard F.: I think I've done it five or six times. 

Batya: When you go on Instagram and you want to post a picture, let's just post a picture, you and I. Okay? I like this one better. Nope, this one. That one. Okay? You go next, next, and then, right now we're at the Jacob Convention Center, right?

Howard F.: Right.

Batya: I hit that one first.

Howard F.: Yeah?

Batya: Then I hit Twitter, then I hit ... That's Foursquare, Tumblr, and Facebook. Right now it goes, one, two, three, four, five, six posts, in one post.

Howard F.: Wow. What's Swarm and what's Flickr? And Tumblr?

Batya: Flickr is the album for Yahoo, if you have a Yahoo account, you have like a Google pictures so this is a Yahoo pictures side. Swarm is Foursquare, just they split up and -

Howard F.: What is Foursquare?

Batya: Foursquare is when people go and check in and show you what's nearby and what's around. Like last night I was looking for a restaurant and I went to Foursquare and see what's around. It's so smart for a dentist to use Instagram all day long and build the keywords for that because every time they check in here, puts two different sides in here, they actually attract more people to their location because if there is a Subway next to you, people sitting and eating, it shows, "Oh, there is a practice right next door." Right? There is a practice next door. You can make six posts in two seconds and if you use it three to five, six times per day, you make your social media work. 

Now, this is six but when you work with me, I connect that to about twelve different ones. From here, it's sent to Pinterest, it's sent to your Google, it's sent to your Tumblr.

Howard F.: The bottom line is, these homies watching, for five thousand you'll set them all up.

Batya: Yep.

Howard F.: Then for seven hundred a month, is that what you said?

Batya: Yeah.

Howard F.: Seven hundred a month you'll run their campaign.

Batya: Yeah. We have two different packages for the monthly service. We have, if you buy six months, then you definitely pay the six ninety-five and if you buy a one year, we only charge you five ninety-five.

Howard F.: You think at the end of the day they'll get more new patients?

Batya: Absolutely. 

Howard F.: All right. Another thing I think -

Batya: You should hire me.

Howard F.: I should and you know what? It might be a good marketing piece for you is if you got with Howard Goldstein. Where is Howard? Hey, Howard Goldstein!

Batya: Howard and I already -

Howard F.: Ho-go! Cammy, can you get ... I think you should have Batya do a online [CE 00:44:58] course on Social Media. I don't think anybody out there is crushing it like she is. 

Howard G.: Good.

Batya: I already told you that.

Howard G.: We talked about it a little, so ...

Howard F.: I do. I feel like Dental Town was the first social media in dentistry.

Howard G.: Right.

Howard F.: We were in '98 and -

Howard G.: We were before Facebook!

Howard F.: Facebook was 2004. We were six years before Facebook but I would say I've been a student of this -

Howard G.: Wait a second. Zuckerberg's dad was a dentist on Dental Town, so I mean ...

Howard F.: Yeah!

Batya: My Jewish friend. Yes, I know him.

Howard F.: I really think that she's at a entirely different level and I think it'd be a win-win for her because she could really explain social media and she'd pick up clients from it.

Howard G.: I saw you two doing things on your phone and I'm thinking, "Well, that's not going to be great for an audio podcast, doing it on your phone," so we definitely need to do a CE course on this.

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: Absolutely. 

Howard F.: I think it'll be a big blowout for you.

Batya: Cool. Good. I'm excited!

Howard F.: She's definitely the cutest person I've ever interviewed on a podcast, next to you!

Howard G.: Okay, okay!

Batya: So cute.

Howard F.: Next to you. You're first and she was second.

Howard G.: Okay, I got it. You had to clarify that.

Howard F.: Okay! Batya, thank you so much for your time at the Greater New York!

Batya: Thank you for having me!

Howard G.: Batya, thank you!

Howard F.: Tell your buddy, Arun Garg, that I really love taking his courses, implant course. I saw his course. I lectured for him in ... I don't know what city it was but I went to his course and lectured for him but I think he's ... So many of my friends have gone, he's taught them to place implants, I think in Dominican Republic, is it?

Batya: Yeah. Oh, that's an amazing one.

Howard F.: They've gone to Dominican Republic and they had never placed a single implant in their life. They come back and they'd already placed fifty or sixty or seventy and now it's fifteen, twenty percent of their practice and they're loving it.

Batya: You know what? I do his social media and I can tell you that every single day I get the messages and I get the reviews and people just can't get enough of him. Even after they finish his course and they graduate they want more.

Howard F.: Yeah.

Batya: He is amazing. He gives them like real tools, not just how to put an implant, it's how to sell the implant, how to attract the people, why people should do implant. He covered this whole thing. He is amazing.

Howard F.: What's Arun Garg's website?

Batya: There is an and there is

Howard F.: Spell Arun Garg, it's a hard name. A-R-U-N ...

Batya: A-R-U-N -

Howard F.: G-A-R-G.

Batya: And G-A-R-G, yeah.

Howard F.: or implantseminars ...

Batya: Just go to the implant seminar, implant expert, you'll find Dr. Garg.

Howard F.: Go to implantseminars or seminar?


Howard F.: What was the other one, implant expert?

Batya: If you just do hashtag implant expert, Arun Garg will take over this whole Google thing, because he is the expert.

Howard G.: Because of you.

Howard F.: Because he uses you.

Batya: Because of him, because he is a expert. You can't make somebody expert for something that he's not.

Howard G.: No, I meant, all over Google though.

Howard F.: Okay, well I got to run, run, run. I got to run, run. Thank you, Batya.

Batya: Thank you!

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