New Corix 70 Plus Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit $2395

Brand New Corix 70 Plus Wall Mounted Digital-Ready Dental X-Ray Unit: $2395


Call 1-800-954-1991 / Ships Today Anywhere In The USA

Simply select the desired tooth and patient size, and you're on your way.  A powerful microprocessor automatically chooses the exposure time, according to the type and position of the tooth; options of three patient sizes;  film or digital sensor; with automatic compensation for the main voltage variation.

FDA Approved / Two Year Warranty  / Company Name : Discount Dental Equipment

Technical factors are displayed on a bright LCD Screen, with a sub menu that provides additional options.

***Standard Wall Mount comes with 16" Wall Plate

***Single Stud Mount Available upon request.


With a small focal spot, low energy x-ray filter, and beam limiting device, assures outstanding sharpness, and maximum details in intra-oral radiography.   Positioning is made easier with an angle indicator on one side of the unit.

Lead shields and critical components are oversized to provide additional years  of safe and trouble-free operations


Exposure Timer, with a three digit LCD Display, fully compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging system with an array of sub-menu options only provided by Corix Medical Systems:
Four options of pre-heating time selections for the x-ray tube. Manual override, if required. Exposures counter. Precision integrated digital voltmeter for monitoring the mains voltage variations. Three internal exposure time calibration factors, to compensate for the sensitivity of the film or the CCD sensor.

Optional, remote x-ray button.
Optional, safety double x-ray buttons.

Long Reach Double Positioning Arm. The long reach scissors arm moves effortlessly through a wide area, yet folds compactly when not in use. The scissors arm allows ease of positioning and  drift-free stability.

Standard Extension Arm (Wall Mounted version)
Standard Extension Arm provides a total inside reach of 180.6cm (71 1/8")
Corix 70 Plus-USV (optional Wall Mount, or Mobile Version)
Conditions in your practice will dictate where to perform x-ray examinations.
With the Corix 70 Plus-USV you can choose the option that best fits your needs:FDA Approved / Two Year Warranty
Wall Mount--Wall mounted directly in the x-ray room or directly in the treatment room. 
Wall mount can be stationed for side-by-side operatory stations.
Standard Wall Mount provided with a 16" Wall Plate.
Single Stud Mount available at an additional cost.
Mobile Stand--mobile unit that allows reaching separate operatory stations on a sturdy  and stable rolling stand.

  • Rated Line Voltage:  120V. +/- 10% (109-132VAC), 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:  1,050KW max @ 132VAC
  • Rated Tube Potential:  70kVp +/- 7% (Single phase, self rectifying).
  • Rated Tube Current:  8mA +/- 15% @ 120VAC
  • Exposure Time Range:  0.03 to 3.00sec., in steps of 0.01sec.

Plus, 27 pre-set exposure times, with automatic main voltage compensation.

Four different Pre-heating pre-selected by the user  are available for loading the x-ray tube

(Pre-heating time is not shown on the display).
  • Minimum Focal Spot to Skin Distance:  200mm (8")
  • Radiation Leakage @ 1 m.  Less than 50mR/h
(Technical Factors: 70kVp, 8 mA, 1s.)
  • Focal Spot: 0.8 x 0.8mm
  • Total Filtration:  2mm. Al eq.
  • Net Weight:  63 lbs (Wall Mounted VERSION)
  • Shipping Weight:  72 lbs (Wall Mounted VERSION)

Shipping Dimensions: 
  • 1 Box, 52 x 21 x 12 inches

Call With Questions or To Order (Ships Today!)  1-800-954-1991

Posted By:  CRAIG123
 Texas, US
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