Townie Choice Awards

For more than a decade now, Townies have been casting their ballots to help Orthotown create the Townie Choice Awards: a comprehensive list of the year’s most peer-recommended products and services in dentistry. TCA winners have become recognized as the most reliable and reputable in the industry!

Make your voice heard by voting in the TCAs each year! By identifying your favorite products, equipment and services—the ones you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to practice without—you’re helping provide new dentists and seasoned clinicians alike the answers to questions asked every day on the message boards: "What is everyone else doing and using in their practice?" Every vote matters!

Voting for the 2022 Townie Choice Awards begins Monday, Aug. 1. After the votes have been tallied, we’ll publish the winners in our January/February 2023 issue of Orthotown magazine and update the winners list online too.

Thanks for your participation and for being a Townie!

Chad Foster, DDS, MS
Editorial Director, Orthotown magazine

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