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Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, MAGD, DICOI
Owner, Founder, and CEO, Farran Media, LLC. & Today’s Dental family practice
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Lorie Xelowski
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Rebecca Wheeler
Seminar Coordinator
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Mary Lou Botto
Director of Sales
Phone: +1.480.445.9711
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Gregg Willinger
National Account Manager - Orthodontics
Phone: +1.914.588.0545
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Stephan Kessler
National Sales Manager
Phone: +1.732.357.7501
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Benjamin Lund
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: +1-414-339-8839
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Tanya Anderson
Traffic Coordinator
Phone: +1.480.445.9696
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MichaeL Perrotta
Digital Media Developer
Phone: 480-445-9705
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Editorial & Creative
Dan Grob
OT Editorial Director
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Marie Leland
Creative Content Coordinator
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Sam Mittelsteadt
Editor & Creative Director
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Kyle Patton
Associate Editor
Phone: 480-445-9717
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Arselia Gales
Assistant Editor
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Anthony Grazetti
Phone: 480-445-9695
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Mark Munoz
Phone: 480-445-9701
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Information Technology
Ken Scott
Director, Information Technology
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Angie Fletchall
Internet Application Developer
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Nick Avaneas
Internet Application Developer
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Larry Bridges
Mobile App Developer
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Sally Gross
Member Services Specialist
Phone: 480-445-9710
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Marketing and Events
Chris Bailey
Marketing Director
Phone: 480-445-9708
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Marcie Donavon
Circulation Director
Phone: +1.480.445.9709
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Stephanie Dominguez
Call Center Associate
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Lynn Miller
Call Center Associate
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Rae Herron
Circulation Assistant
Phone: +1.480.445.9716
HR / Accounting
Stacie Holub
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Suzette Harmon
Receivables Specialist
Phone: 480-445-9704
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Continuing Education
Howard M. Goldstein, DMD
Director of Continuing Education, Farran Media
Message Board Manager
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Devon Kraemer
Multimedia Specialist
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Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
Phone: +1-480-445-9710
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