Submitting an Article for Orthotown Magazine

Thanks for giving Orthotown the opportunity to consider your work. Before you submit an article, please read these guidelines—doing so could save you the heartbreak of a summary rejection letter.

1. We do not accept content that’s been previously published elsewhere. We will not consider articles or columns that have been sent to other publications or posted online. That includes items that have been loaded to personal blogs. We also will not consider anonymous or pseudonymous submissions.

2. Several factors go into whether an article is suitable for publication—space constraints, timeliness, relevance and the lineup of the Orthotown editorial calendar, to name a few. For that reason, we suggest you contact us, using the form below, before you begin writing anything. Send us a quick "abstract" that describes the topic, angle and major points your proposed article would cover, and our editorial board will review the idea and provide feedback.

3. We do our best to read all submissions promptly, so if we’re interested in publishing your article, we’ll contact you within two weeks. We might request changes to your original idea, suggest ways to organize and write the article, or explain why the piece wouldn’t be a good fit for publication. If you don’t hear from us within two weeks, it’s safe to assume we won’t be able to use the piece at all.

4. Be familiar with what’s been recently published in Orthotown magazine, and ensure that your proposed article doesn’t recycle previous content. No matter whether your piece is clinical in nature or focused more on practice management, there must be something new and noteworthy about what you’re trying to share. In your message, explain what’s different about your piece, and what would make it different from the other articles out there.

5. Articles can be of any length, but they’re unlikely to be published if they’re more than 2,000 words. Be sure to back up your claims and information by attributing them to reliable sources — yes to industry journals and organizations, no to random websites — and use end notes to credit your references.

Please submit your article to Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Chad Foster ( or Orthotown Editor & Creative Director Sam Mittelsteadt (

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