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Value of over $2300 Brand new endo files, all ProTaper Gold. Usually over $55+/pack. Selling for 20% discount at about $40/pack! See inventory list...
 Napa CA US
 1 days ago
This specimen is a skull prepared as a teaching tool for medical students. With its simple autopsy cut for easy removal of the skull cap, this skull...
 13 days ago
I have a two chair dental bus it has the x-rays compressor sterilizer and has been recently remodeled. it has a Cummins diesel and a diesel generator...
$109,000.00 OBO
 Scottsdale AZ US
 18 days ago
Make an offer! I have multiple paper towel holders like this one for sale. Used in good condition. Comes with key.
$35.00 OBO
 Fairhope AL US
 23 days ago
2 WhipMix Denar Combi articulators, facebow, mounting jigs, bite forks, fossa inserts, bag of mounting plates, boxes and paperwork
 23 days ago
6 green 5 purple 4 blue
 Houston TX US
 24 days ago
We have 27 surgical gowns for sale. 95121 ULTRA Surgical Gown Size XL.AAMI Level 3
$135.00 OBO
 84045 UT US
 29 days ago
Have a Supply of these Books- New Condition Great For Patient Giveaways, Written 1983 Paperback 5 for $35 shipped Hardcover $20 Shipped Please...
I've RETIRED............ So Who Cares? You if you want to buy used pliers, scalers and other Orthodontic items. I practice for 39 years and only...
 Berlin NJ US
For sale are the isolite and isodry dental isolation system. Both units are in excellent condition and ready for use in your office. If interested...
 Tempe AZ US
Oral Pharmacology Text Make an offer + $5 shipping
 Yonkers NY US
Review and learn dental anatomy with a coloring book. NEW $10.00 + $5.00 SHIPPING
 Yonkers NY US
Dental Embryology, Histology and Anatomy 3rd Edition NEW Make an offer + $5 shipping
 Yonkers NY US
You can create a dental assistant Academy inside your practice. Simply put, we provide everything you need to run a if you want to do it...
Become a dental assistant school owner. We provide turn-key schools for dental offices. To learn more watch this video: NOTE: We are Ranked on...
60" tall wooden toothbrush hand crafted from Poplar wood. Will have a hanging kit included. Each one is hand sanded and painted. They are...
$975.00 each
 Omaha NE US
Antique dental cabinets. One from 1929, one from 1930. I personally stripped and refinished. A gorgeous addition to any office or even home!
 Hartland WI US
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