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We have switched to GBT so we no longer need these: 1st -- Nupro Freedom Cordless without pedal $500 - works with or without a pedal - pedal not...
 Dallas, TX
 4 days ago
Drs and Assistants stools $150 plus shipping cost Dental EZ. Teal green In very good condition ( like new )
 Huntington, WV
 9 days ago
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Endo Items for Sale These products work well; I am simply not using them at this time. Items for sale include the following: Wave One Gold Gliders 25...
$1,000.00 OBO
 Colorado, US
 15 days ago
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New DENTSPLY cavitron inserts Package of (four)
 Union, NJ
 21 days ago
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Package includes: ALL NEW NL 9000 Brasseler handpiece NL 10 LED coupler PTL-4HP 6 hole tubing Platelus light pack and adaptor All you need to add...
 Union, NJ
 21 days ago
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NEW still in wrapping, never opened,retired dentist Composi-tight 3D fusion Sectional Matrix system FXR-KFF-10 Kit Contents Quantity ...
 montgomery, TX
 27 days ago
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