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Mar 11 Cutting through the clutter, our new AI-powered summary feature harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to condense marathon message board discussions into snappy summaries. Now, at the top of every topic page, with at least 100 replies, you will see a new "View Summary" button. Click that button to got to our new topic summary page, because who has time for endless scrolling when you can get the bite-sized brilliance at a glance?
Mar 9 We're super exited to announce another small feature to enhance your site experience - YouTube embedded videos. Now, any YouTube video you put into your post will automatically be viewable within the post itself.  No longer will a link redirect you to YouTube, rather you can simply watch YouTube videos directly from within your posts. You're welcome!!
07/25/23 We like nothing better than giving you more freedom and ease when using our site. To that end, we just added a new "Quick Reply" section at the bottom of the thread view page. We did this to give you a fast, simple way to quickly reply to a thread. However, don't expect all the bells and whistles on this new Quick Reply feature. It's designed for speed and ease vs complex functionality.
06/28/23 To help you stay better connected with the topics you're interested in, we expanded our notification system to notify you when an inactive thread that you've participated on becomes active again.  These New Activity emails are sent when there is new activity on a topic that has been dormant for 30 days or more. Of course, as with all our other notifications, you can opt out of this new feature from your Profile page if you don't want to receive these emails.
06/22/23 They say perfection is in the details, that's why we like adding even small features to our site to make a more robust user experience. In our latest update we expanded on our "Thumbs Up" message board feature (indicating you liked a post), to allow members to also give a "Thumbs Down" to posts. Thumbs up and thumbs down are a feature found on many online communities and social media sites. This is a quick easy way to express your like or dislike of content, creating opportunities for you to have a more personalized experience.
06/22/23 One of our core philosophies is operating with a high degree of transparency. To further that goal, we gave you the ability to view any and all moderator and administrator edits/revisions made on member posts. But don't worry edits you make to your own posts are still "for your eyes only"
06/22/23 Its that time again. As most companies do, we periodically update our terms of use. We're pretty sure you'll be happy to hear that this time not only did we update our message board terms of use, we simplified it making it much easier to read. Check it out here.
01/18/23 Don't miss out when a fellow Townie "quotes" one of your message board posts. An email notification will now be sent to your inbox letting you. Click here to review your Message Board Settings.
05/10/22 We're happy to introduce our new Subscription notification system. You are no longer limited to receiving emails about new activity on any of your subscribed topics, users, or forums. We've added a subscription icon () on the right hand side of our site menu which will let you know as new activity happens live.
01/07/22 Good news for our Classified Ads users. You can now sort your posted Classified Ads by expiration date.
12/17/21 Today is a big day for our iOS App. You asked for it and we built it - FULL SCREEN edit mode. Gone are the days of our previous half-screen mode. Now you can use the entire screen to compose your posts.
10/01/21 Finding out who liked your post has just became possible. Hovering over the "thumb" icon count on your posts will now tell you who gave you a thumbs up!! Go ahead and check your posts for thumbs, or go create some awesome posts too.
09/03/21 We're so pleased to announce our latest iOS App update. DARK MODE! Android users, don't worry, this feature is coming soon to our Android app!!
08/13/21 We've made it easier for you to organize your Message Boards Active Topics page. You can now prioritize your active topics by highlighting posts by your subscriptions and location making it easier for you find content that is relevant to you. See it action on our Active Topics page.
06/11/21 We're excited to introduce our new Map tool in our Message Board section.  Use this tool to find posts relevant to your locality - anywhere in the world.  You'll find the Map on our right-hand navigation bar.  Check it out here
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