Message Board Glossary

A member who monitors posts on the message boards, helping discussions to stay productive and within the guidelines, so that inappropriate messages and spam do not appear within the threads. Administrators are given extra privileges which might include the ability to edit and delete posts and topics within any forum, move topics to other forums, ban users or other mechanisms designed to keep the peace and uphold the rules set out by the Webmaster.
A picture or image that appears below your username in each post. Avatars are optional and can be changed at anytime.
An icon that represents an emotion of a member within the thread. A visual display of how the poster is feeling (example:J).
A category under which to hold the discussion.
To routinely read threads without ever posting or replying yourself. Lurking is permitted on our Web sites. However we encourage you to join in and start discussions with your fellow Townies.
Message Board
Conversations and discussions amongst people from all over the world that other people can read and reply to.
A member who volunteers to monitor the message boards, helping discussions stay productive and within the guidelines, so that inappropriate messages and spam do not appear within the threads. A moderator can delete and edit within their specified forums.
An icon selected to represent a thread that has been marked for importance.
(n) A single message or reply within a thread; (v)To place a single message or reply within a thread.
Private Message (PM)
Allows members to contact each other privately, similar to e-mail.
A post after a previous post that has copied a previous message.
A post in response to a previous post.
Optional and personal closings at the bottom of each post. Signatures on Dentaltown are allowed to contain marketing content that might otherwise be considered spam, as long as they are not offensive or obscene. These are optional and each member can choose whether to see others’ signatures.
A post or thread with the intent to promote a product or service. Spam is prohibited within our message boards.
A specific conversation comprised of various posts from various members within a forum or subforum.
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