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Case Presentation

Tell Me About Extracting All The 5s
Should this doc pull the 4s or the 5s? Here is a case where the 4s seem to be the easier option, but could extracting the 5s deliver better results in the end?

Message Boards

Nance vs TPA
A comparison of Nance with TPA. Read why docs have chosen their preferred appliance.

Interceptive Ortho
When is it too early to start treatment? Is interceptive ortho becoming an unsafe fad, or a useful tool in the current age of orthodontics?

Online CE
by Dr. Miguel Hirschhaut

Intermaxillary Edgewise Mechanics
by Dr. J.J. Jasper
The title of this presentation may seem like a contradiction of terms, because there are many edgewise appliances that are used all over the world, but they are never intermaxillary. There are also many intermaxillary machines that are used routinely by all of us, but they are never edgewise! Dr. Jasper will explore this disconnect and look at all the overjet appliances through the eyes of physics—the ultimate in evidence.

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