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  • XyliGel and H-B12 Melts
    OraCoat H-B12 Melts provide long-lasting pain relief and healing support for mouth sores, cuts, wounds, brace irritation and mouth ulcers. With active ingredients of hyaluronan and bioactive B12, the adhering discs support a healthy mouth lining and work with braces and other orthodontic appliances. 

    Pediatric brace wearers also run the risk of suffering tooth decay because of food and plaque getting trapped between the brackets and wires. To prevent permanent damage to tooth enamel, in addition to proper cleaning, XyliGel neutralizes acids in the mouth with a buffered pH of 7.4 and holds 17 percent xylitol against the teeth to reduce plaque formation.

    XyliGel stimulates saliva production and coats the mouth and lips to relieve dry mouth. The gel reduces plaque and acidity on the teeth.

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  • Incognito Brackets with Tip Bar
    3M Incognito Brackets with Tip Bar enhance the Incognito Appliance System with extensions on the mesial and distal sides of the lingual bracket, increasing the bracket slot width to give better angulation control.

    The product supports increased demand from orthodontists for more-controlled appliances and techniques, while meeting patient demand for invisible, comfortable and convenient orthodontic care.

    The option of Incognito Brackets with Tip Bar can be ordered through the 3M Unitek Treatment Management Portal, an orthodontic software platform for digital model management, treatment planning and ordering. The brackets are also compatible with the Incognito Clear Precision Tray for indirect bonding.

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  • Thermal Forming Pliers
    OrthoEssentials has added four new pliers to its Imperial Series Instruments line. The four thermal forming pliers are designed to work on aligners and are used to make dimples, deepen concaves, and create spaces for auxiliaries. They are manufactured using high-grade surgical stainless steel.

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