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For nearly 60 years, Ormco has worked to developed innovative, cutting-edge products and solutions to enhance patients’ lives. Equipping clinicians with unparalleled appliances and customer service has been the focal point of the company since its inception. As the passive self-ligating (PSL) market leader, the Damon system offers a combination of PSL brackets, light-force archwire sequencing and minimally invasive treatment protocols used to successfully finish more than 6.5 million cases.

Earlier this year, Ormco unveiled its latest PSL bracket and addition to the Damon system, Damon Q2 (DQ2). Designed with twice the rotation control (U3-3 compared to original DQ bracket), the bracket boasts a small profile and smooth rounded corners, for improved patient comfort and aesthetics. Paired with a rhomboid-shaped pad and new vertical scribe line on the door to guide bracket placement, the DQ2 bracket delivers a versatile and flexible treatment solution with simplified mechanics.

Key product features include:

  • Twice the improvement in rotation control—DQ2 provides four solid walls with a refined precision slot and twice the rotation control for optimal precision, predictability and efficient finishing. Doctors now have rotation control that supplies them with the toolset needed to treat all cases with the utmost confidence and bracket reliability (compared to other Damon systems).
  • Enhanced tie-wing design—Designed for heightened patient comfort and aesthetics, the bracket system features a small profile and size with smooth, rounded corners. Furthermore, DQ2 provides ample under-tie-wing area (Damon Q2 compared to Damon Q) to better accommodate all power chain, elastics, steel ligatures and other auxiliaries for treatment versatility.
  • Vertical scribe line, new drop-in hook and modified prescription—DQ2 features a rhomboid-shaped pad and new vertical scribe line to guide desired bracket placement. The new DQ2 drop-in hook (coming in Q4 2018) was designed to provide improved bending strength and durability with Ormco’s elastics and auxiliaries. Additionally, DQ2 provides a modified prescription (standard Damon 3MX prescription) for upper, central and lateral standard torque brackets to deliver a predictable and efficient finish.

DQ2 is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and select markets in Europe and the Middle East.

For more information, contact a local Ormco representative or visit

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