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Insignia Twin
Ormco’s newly added Insignia Twin appliance options provide orthodontists with a customized solution that combines the efficiency of digital smile design with the precision of patient-specific appliances.

Based on traditional orthodontic principles and powered by digital technology, Insignia is designed to help minimize the complex variables that affect each patient case. Using the algorithm built into Insignia’s Approver software, the patient’s prescription is determined by the doctor’s final approved smile design, and the custom brackets, wires and placement guides are then manufactured. The clear indirect bonding guides enable accurate placement by doctors and staff members.

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Cubex, a provider of pharmacy and supply management technology, recently introduced QBud, a small wireless device that allows customers to manage supply items across their inventory.

QBud is Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled, smaller than a credit card and available in packs of 20. QBuds are typically arranged on a shelf or affixed to bins beneath products they’ve been assigned to manage. Once in place, they’re connected to the customer’s software system via an inventory management assistant. An LCD screen displays the product description and quantity on hand, while a simple user interface allows customers to tell the device when they’re taking or restocking items. Once an item reaches its assigned minimum threshold, QBud can automatically place an order for more, with the device showing the user when that inbound stock is on the way.

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Supra IPR Kit
ContacEZ’s new Supra IPR Kit is designed to give orthodontists a single kit that contains all the products needed to perform both motorized and manual interproximal reduction (IPR).

The company’s SupraDisc is featured in the kit. The safe-edged diamond disc was inspired by a request from Dr. Rebecca Poling during her tenure as professor at the NYU Department of Orthodontics. Poling had noticed that many of her students would leave deep ledges and gouges in tooth surfaces after performing IPR with diamond discs. ContacEZ’s research and development team worked for two years to research, design, test, refine and manufacture SupraDisc.

Each Supra IPR Kit contains top, bottom and dual-coated 22mm diamond discs with nonabrasive safe edges; a snap-on disc guard designed to reduce the risk to patients’ soft tissue from spinning discs; the IPR Strip System and IPR Plus, flexible, single-handed diamond strips for manual reproximation; strip trays for storage and organization; and an incremental thickness gauge to confirm accurate IPR.

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