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Practicon’s CleanLight snap-on light covers attach quickly and easily to all Pelton & Crane Helios operatory lights to protect the delicate mirrored reflector from streaks, scratches and splatter. Made from lightweight, recyclable PET plastic, CleanLight installs in seconds, does not affect light intensity or operation, and cleans easily with surface disinfectant. Weekly replacement is recommended.

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Orthotown Magazine

SolFlex 170
Voco’s compact desktop dental 3D printer, SolFlex 170, was custom-engineered for the dental office and offers higher printing speeds, more accuracy and the ability to print clear orthodontic appliances. An optional built-in laser sensor measures the peeling forces to optimize the building speed. This increases process efficiency and reliability, reduces print times by as much as 40 percent and reduces material-consuming misprints.

With a wavelength of 385nm, the SolFlex printers can print in the invisible spectrum of light, allowing for the production of clear ortho appliances without a yellow tint. Digital light processing technology is faster and has a higher resolution than SLA printers, which is particularly useful for high-precision objects like crown and bridge models or surgical guides.

SolFlex 170 also uses Voco’s patented Flex-Vat technology. The Flex-Vat build tray is flexible and made from one piece of high-tech silicone. This significantly reduces the peeling forces during manufacturing, enabling the printer to work more quickly while reducing the number of required support structures and reducing postprocessing time and material used.

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Orthotown Magazine

OptiBond eXTRa Universal
KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond eXTRa Universal is a new self-etch, two-component universal adhesive featuring patented OptiBond GPDM technology. Because of its Smart pH technology, the new adhesive is compatible with virtually all types of cements, composites and core buildup materials and does not require any auxiliary products such as silane.

With its patented GPDM monomer, OptiBond eXTRa Universal ensures stronger and more reliable adhesion to tooth structures as well as resin material. Additionally, it contains acidic phosphate groups to fully anchor the adhesive to the hydrophilic surface of the tooth, plus more methacrylate functional groups for a better interface with the hydrophobic resin.

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