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OrVance Announces First Shipments of Globally Compliant OrthoDots Clear
OrVance, a developer of orthodontic products, announced its first shipments of OrthoDots Clear. The product, which is used for irritation caused by orthodontic treatment, is compliant for sales in the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Australia and 24 other countries.

The OrthoDots Clear technology consists of a moisture-activated adhesive layer on a clear medical-grade silicone. With its recently acquired CE marking, the product is compliant with current medical device regulations in the EU. The OrthoDots Clear 48-count ProPack, 12-count patient pack and 4-count sample pack have all been redesigned for global sales to orthodontic practices. The new product is supported by a multilingual webpage and includes a package insert with instructions for use in 33 languages.

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Orthocaps Clear Aligners Now Available in U.S.
Orthocaps clear aligner treatments are now available to U.S. dental professionals. The 3Shape Trios integration partner has received U.S. market clearance, and the aligners will be distributed by Rocky Mountain Orthodontics.

3Shape Trios has been digitally integrated with Orthocaps for the past two years in Europe, and U.S. dental professionals using the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner are now able to send cases to Orthocaps for analysis and production of clear aligners.

Orthocaps designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes clear orthodontic aligners to 35 countries. The company’s TwinAligner system uses a daytime aligner for comfort and aesthetics, and a nighttime aligner for force-level customization and improved treatment efficiency.

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3M Oral Care Portal Now Integrated with Carestream and 3Shape Intraoral Scanners
Clinicians using 3Shape Trios or Carestream Dental’s CS 3500 or CS 3600 intraoral scanners now can submit their digital scans through integrations with 3M’s web-based software, the 3M Oral Care Portal. 

The portal is an open software platform that streamlines patient treatment planning and ordering, giving clinicians the flexibility to use the intraoral scanner of their choice. Launched in conjunction with 3M Clarity Aligners, the portal is HIPAA-compliant, easily accessible, and supports treatment for aligners, combination treatment and retainers. With one click, doctors can connect and send scans from the 3Shape Communicate or Carestream Dental Connect portals. There’s no need to export the digital scan from one software program, then upload it through the 3M portal; instead, the submission can be handled automatically.

Clinicians using the 3M portal have access to its updated toolset, which displays three-dimensional, cross-sectional views of the teeth, with and without overlays. Key to ensuring treatment success, the workflow further enables patient progress scans at each treatment step. These scans show how well patients are tracking to their treatments, and allow clinicians to refine treatment plans if the patients aren’t tracking according to plan.

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