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Townies discuss which products they consistently reach for, and why

Each year, we publish the results of the Townie Choice Awards in our January/February issue, to give our readers the latest info about the products and services in orthodontics that their fellow Townies have named the best in the industry.
But while the TCAs are awarded based on ballot tallies, they include no room for voters to discuss why certain products or services are their favorites. Sure, as one Townie put it, “Surgeons aren’t known by their scalpels” — but they’re still using scalpels, and the best docs aren’t just picking up whichever instruments happen to be lying around the operatory.
So we reached out to Townies to ask: Which items are their go-to products, and why? Some orthodontists responded in the message board thread we started on, and we pulled other answers from Townies who were featured in Office Visit profiles over the past year.
In this issue, we discuss the building blocks of orthodontics: brackets, bonding agents and archwires. (Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the picks happened to match up with this year’s Townie Choice Awards winners, which we’ve indicated.)
— by Orthotown staff

Orthotown Magazine

“My go-to bracket is American Orthodontics’ Master Series bracket, 22x28 slot. They are the best torque-in-base bracket I have used: easy to place and line up on the teeth, because of their shape and size. They hold up to occlusal stresses and torquing stresses as well if not better than any brackets I have used in my 38 years of practice.  I have very few broken brackets, because of their superior mesh properties.”
-“Drwoods,” via message board and email

“TP Orthodontics’ Nu-Edge brackets. I’ve been to the factory in Indiana and appreciated the ‘heritage’ and size of the company. I’ve also been happy with the quality: average finishing bends (slot isn’t too sloppy), good bond strength, no crushed bonds.”
“MikeHerrera,” via message board

“I prefer self-ligating braces because it equalizes all my assistants. I don’t have to be concerned if they wire-tied that tooth enough/correctly. If the midline is off, I’m going to use my Damon bracket because of the ease in placing drop-in hooks for different elastic needs. I will use Damon on extraction cases because the sliding mechanics work better, in my opinion. I use In-Ovation brackets on all limited-treatment cases due to earlier torque control with active clip and many cases that are simple Class I treatments.”
“fesdds,” via message board

“I’ve been using 3M’s Victory Series MBT brackets for more than two decades!”
“danbraces,” via message board

Orthotown Magazine

Bonding Agents
“Reliance bonding products have been my bonding agent of choice over these years. I am now using GoTo Premium Bracket Adhesive.”
“drwoods,” via message board

“Rocky Mountain Orthodontics’ Trulock adhesive. I like the consistence of the material and its bond strength.”
Dr. Jason Hartman, in his April 2018 Office Visit

Orthotown Magazine

“Speed Supercable archwire. I’m not a Speed System user, and just recently became a huge user of this product. I heard about it during a lingual appliance lecture. Since we started using it, I can’t believe how much quicker and easier my initial leveling and aligning stage is for buccal and lingual treatment.”
Dr. Tanya Vaysman, in her January 2019 Office Visit

“American Ortho NT3 SE nickel titanium archwire. A lot has changed over the past 40 years since I started my residency, but I find that I still practice today very much like I did 38 years ago.”
“drwoods,” via message board

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