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LightForce System
LightForce Orthodontics, a venture-capital backed startup headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, introduced a fully customized 3D-printed bracket system at the AAO 2019 Annual Session in Los Angeles, California. The LightForce system unites proprietary digital treatment capabilities with patented 3D manufacturing processes to produce a 100%-customized set of appliances for each patient.

With the LightForce system, each bracket is dynamically designed in real time based on the patient’s specific tooth morphology and the clinician’s individual treatment plan. The orthodontist sets the teeth to the desired finish using the digital treatment planning software, which generates customized specifications for 3D-printing braces with the most biomechanically efficient prescription. The case comes with custom indirect bonding trays, which also enhance placement speed and accuracy.

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Great Lakes Dental Technologies’ new ComfortTrack clear aligner material now comes standard on all Smart Moves Complete clear aligner cases. ComfortTrack is designed specifically for patient comfort and aligner effectiveness. Made exclusively for clear aligners, the material has elastomeric properties that generate an ideal initial force and maintain it over time. ComfortTrack’s multilayered structure generates 40% less initial force and retains 150+% greater force on day seven for aligner effectiveness. The material is also highly stain-resistant.

Smart Moves Complete is Great Lakes Dental Technologies’ clear aligner solution for full arch treatment. Managed through a cloud-based software platform, Smart Moves aligners are manufactured in, and supported by, U.S.-based technicians.

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Spark Clear Aligner System
With nearly six decades of orthodontic expertise, Ormco has created a new clear aligner system that is designed to meet the needs of the orthodontist. The company previewed this system, the Spark clear aligner system, at the AAO 2019 Annual Session. Spark’s TruGen material is designed to provide advanced force retention, be nearly clear and enhance patient comfort with polished edges. In addition, the 3D Approver Software shows both root and crown movement and allows customization of attachments. Rick Matty, vice president and general manager of Ormco Digital Solutions, says the product is designed to be highly capable, measurably differentiated and integrate seamlessly into clinicians’ practices.

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